Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Need your ideas! PLEASE

It seems as if my little gray cells are just not firing this week and I need your talents and help. For those who might have purchased items from me know, I always tuck in a special something in addition to your paid items. I make them all by hand and put as much love as I can into each of them. I am now needing to make another round of goodies and I am plain out of ideas. In the past you might have received hand stitched ribbon flowers, pom pom sheep magnets, lavender sachets, hand felted, hand stamped book markers, mixed media art tags and handmade felt items.

So, here is where you come in - What would you like to receive in your package? I like giving something that represents this farm but also has a usage. My DIL suggested holiday gift tags with either an animal or fiber art theme. I love that idea but need to have more suggestions because I do change the tuck in by the price of the purchases, if it is a return customer (don't want you to get bored with me) and also the season....

So how about it - any thoughts???? I might just have to send the person with the best idea a special gift... Now I got your attention!


pencraftco said...

gift tags are a great idea. What about some gift cards too? I love the little extras you have included!

Georgianne Holland said...

Hi Grace! I would enjoy receiving a postcard from your farm...perhaps a lovely photo of one your animals? I could use the postcard to send a message to a loved one. It would be an easy and fun way to reach out and I would remember you when I use it!

Nestle And Soar

CarolynD said...

Knitted/felted cat toys or Christmas cookies. There's an abundance of sugar cookie ideas and many people would be able to put a cat toy to good use.