Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back in printing business!!

I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to my DIL Brooke for being a DEAR and doing a ton a research and leg work in getting me up and running with a new printer. For those who do not know when my computer started acting up it fried my printer.. I have no clue how but as all things techno it was a pain in my side. So I got out the old receipt book, pens and papers, real stamps and went old school. After spending much time without one Brooke informed me that she found the perfect printer.

The "WorkForce 610 Series" from Epson now has a new home in my office and is just a marvel. It not only prints black and white but color too. Now here is the rest of it's talents, it copies, faxes, scans and can even prints colored photo's - WOW, that is a lot for the money.

Once I got it home I was a bit scared of trying to get it all hooked up to the computer and working but with my glasses on and taking slow, deep breaths I did it!!! I forgot how easy it was to process a purchase order, print a packing slip, print out the correct shipping and get an order out the door. I am still reading and learning about all the bells and whistles but I just wanted to say "MANY THANKS BROOKE" you saved the day, month and year for this techno challenged gal...

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