Monday, October 18, 2010

Frost + Sweat = a Perfect Day

Around the farm the change of the seasons means a change in the work load. Just before our first frost I finally received my hay order. A Good News, Bad News situation.. I am thrilled it is here but it means putting it in the barn and out of the weather that is coming.. That is two ton of heavy bales to place one by one on my little pull trolley, pull it to the largest barn and then start stacking them so they are ready for winter feeding. All of this is done by me, one bale at a time and without the use of a tractor. While most would think this is a horrible way to spend my Sunday - I find the work rewarding. With each bale I give thanks that I have the health, strength and time to give to this work. I give thanks that I will have feed for my wonderful four legged furry family members when the wind is blowing it's subzero temps and they are growing the next generation of babies soon to arrive in the dead of winters night. This is the work that reminds me that I am alive, well and living unlike most folks - besides who needs to go to a gym when you move two ton of hay in a day?? This means a hearty dinner, hot bath and a warm heating pad in bed for this farm gal... Hope your day was as great as mine!

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Jane said...

We switched to round bales a while back so I am all about the tractor. But I feel the same way about moving this darn wood. But then I think that is how my relatives did it for thousands of years. It is what our body is made to do, work. Not run on a treadmill. You also feel very connected to the present. You are the reason that your farm runs the way it does. And you did it with your two hands.