Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pure Luxury to start the New Year

This is the time that I wished we had touch-o-vision!!! Such a buttery, creamy, incredible rich roving and it all started with a sweet little baby Yak called "Charlie Brown". I say little but he was the size of a pony when I met him and he was only two months old. This little fellow was known for running around with no real purpose, kicking up his heels and sometimes falling flat on his back - hence the name - remember Lucy always pulling the ball out from his kick and poor Charlie falling flat on his back. Charlie's baby down was so soft it reminds of my my cashmere babies but only this little boy could knock you to the ground and brake a few bones if he got frisky... After gathering about a pound of baby down I went home and just ran my fingers through the fiber for hours. I understand for those who do not love fiber like I do you would think me mad - go ahead it just means more for me!!!
I spent many months trying to figure out how to best increase the value of this treasure and it hit me one day - hand painted Tangerine Bombyx Silk that I also had stashed in my fiber room. Slowly I carded the two together at a rate of 80% Yak / 20% Silk and then hand pulled the roving from the carder. I could not wait, the first round of roving went to me. I sat and spun on my favorite spindle a lace weight yarn that was perfection. I quickly went back to the carder and made another round and before I knew it I was sitting and spinning that as well. I came to my senses and determined I must share this with others. So I have my two skeins now it is your turn... Trust me - this is some of the best spinning I have done in a long time and I giggle every time I touch it because I think of "Charlie Brown" in the pen running around like a big goof ball - Oh but what incredible baby down.
Don't' wait too long - I am not sure I can control myself and not spin some more...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly, Grace, and oh sooooo soft, happy for you!!! Shary Lou