Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bullies get Bullied

You may have heard it put this way "Pushers get Pushed" or "You get what you Sow". I had to share what happened to the "BIG Cocks of the Walk". Last night as I stated earlier as I went out every two hours to check on my expecting goat girls I would check on how the Roo's where doing.

Yes, they kept crowing thru the moment I placed them in their new digs and through the night. Each time I would open the door I kept telling them to "Shut it up". Like me saying that would change their behavior. At one point when I went in the barn around 1:00 am I noticed one of the big Roo's had been sitting on the half wall dividing the barn. He was crowing at the top of his lungs and all the little billies where looking at him with such a look. Just then he flew over the wall. He landed on the hay covered floor and started strutting his stuff while crowing still at a high pitch. After he made several circles around the floor my sweet little Ozie (who is such a kind soul looking after his half siblings 24/7) stood up and pawed the floor. That is a billies way of saying "Watch Out". Still the Roo was crowing and strutting and within a blink of an eye Ozie ran toward the Roo and plowed him into the wall. This huge thud and the Roo was on the ground. Ozie backed up and waited. As the Roo stood up and started to do the same behavior - yep, Ozie plowed him to the ground again!!! Stop holding your breath - Ozie did not hurt him but as the saying goes - "Pushers get Pushed".

Did I step in NO!!! I knew that Ozie would not kill the stupid Roo - it is just some of that MOTHER NATURE JUSTICE.... I believe in that and so there had to be some relearning going on here.

The Roo looked at me as if to say "MOM, aren't you going to make him stop".. HELL NO! I gave them their chance so now it is someone else turn at schooling these bullies.

I kept checking in during the night and into the morning and guess what - after that lesson with Ozie the Roo's never left their side of the barn and the crowing was down to only when the sun came up. See sometimes Peer Pressure is a GREAT THING!!!

Let's see if they need any further lessons...

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Jane said...

A hah! It did happen. Sometimes things just work out. Let us know if this gave the roo an 'attitude' adjustment.