Sunday, January 30, 2011

Computer War Again

I can handle most bumps in the road but I am still amazed how my computer can hit all my panic buttons. Yes, that silly box is doing it to me again. Saturday as I promised myself to be a good girl and sit down and get some work done - as I sat with determination to get products posted, return emails and even post something thought provoking on this blog the computer started flashing all kinds of trouble warnings. You know those things that I do not even understand as English words. What in the hell is a "RAM memory usage5???" Beats the crud out of me and the stupid computer is not helping by explaining any of this. Then it is doing this great thing of having me type like a mad women to get my order spulled and print postage before it just shuts it self down. I would love to be able to do that - just decide I am shut myself down.

Well, I decided to go outside and tear apart the tool shed and clean it top to bottom, move tools, pots and roofing shingles. I then tackled getting extra lights in the birthing barn so I do not have to feel like I am going into someones privates blind. See, those are things I can do and control. Yes, CONTROL!!! I understand that I work very hard on trying to let go of control issues and so I have to face that this silly box sitting next to me has more control over me then anything in this world and I REALLY HATE THAT! Yes, HATE, HATE, HATE IT. Maybe it is because I feel that I have no real understand of something that my business depends on so much. Maybe it is because unlike a living and breathing thing I can not work with it as a two way partnership. So I guess I am back into the part of my life lessons that goes something like this "There is only the NOW and I am not in control of anything but myself" Sounds great doesn't it??? Or how about this one " The path to enlightenment is within and not without".. Oh now I am on a roll.
What does all this mean??

I HATE, HATE, HATE, my silly computer when it does not let me just go through my life without all this crap!!!! So, as I am typing like a mad women to let you know that I will be again at the mercy of my computer geeks and there is a storm coming my way and the goat girls have puffy butts which means round the clock butt watching - I will be trying to figure out how to get the universe to just FIX THIS....

So, I will be back here when I can and during my time off line I will go inwards and work on those control issues that still are a part of this not so perfect, enlightened soul - I am always a work in progress and by no means have mastered those demons that live within. I do give thanks for the small things in life like very fast fingers to be able to get this out to all of you. So wish me luck and hopefully the Computer Gods will have pity on this simple farm girl...

P.S. NO BABIES YET~~ but there is a storm coming and temps expecting to be well below zero so you know that has to be when those sweet one's show up. What is amazing to me is that just rolls off my back but this blinking message at the bottom of my computer is sending me into panic mode again. Better go eat some lunch and check on butts. Bye for now.

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Spinners End said...

Well fortunately the butt watch is the most important thing in life at this point! :) Good luck...I wonder what kind of geeky sacrifice the computer Gods require?