Monday, January 31, 2011

The Iceman Cometh

At 4 am this morning it was very clear to me and all the animals here that this is going to be a cold bumpy ride for the next couple of days. I got this body dressed in my many layers and headed out the door long before the chickens had even thought of getting up. I knew just by the smell in the air that ice was on it's way and we better get food into every one's tummies.

Most where not that happy to see me at this early hour but once they started drinking the warm sugar water I brought them they perked right up and started in on the hay. It is vital that they drink with this bitter cold coming today - weather guessers are say we might go so low as to break records and that record was 10 years ago which was a -15 degrees. So as I made my way around the farm hauling the jugs of warm sugar water and loading extra hay to the feeders I prayed that Mother Nature would not be such a COLD *ITCH today!!!

This also means there is no way I am getting out on the road to take my computer in - as I listened to the traffic reports at 5 am the count was three dozen accidents and that was before most of the less talented drivers where up and out. So I am again typing fast to get work done, pulling orders and trying to check in with those who have questions of me. If I do not get to you do not take it personally it is just that my computer is still wishing to put me thru the hoops.

I did realize one great thing is I am forced to get those things done that I have been putting off saying that "I can't get to that I have to answer emails, or I wished I had the time but I have to research my new pet project on the net so I just can not get to that today". So the universe is making me!!! It is great however because last night I finished painting the living room windows and put up the new plastic on them. Today I will hang the insulated drapes - just in time to feel like we are living at the North Pole. I am one who loves a cool house but I do understand when my DIL comes with little sweet pea - they really do not wish to be Popsicles...

So, today will be spent making sure everyone gets through the bitter cold and get to work on those projects I have been making excuses about... Darn that Computer!!!

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Jane said...

I take it still no babies? I guess they want to come when the record breaking cold is there. Good choice not to head out on those roads. We will all be happy when Spring comes.