Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow is Crunching under my - OH NO, it's my

KNEES! I love the sound of snow crunching under my big warm snow boots - it makes you know you are alive. This morning after putting on all the layers and filling up all the jugs with hot water for those shivering sweet one's I started out the shop door and heard that wonderful sound... Crunch, Crunch, Creak, Crunch Crunch - Wait what was that?? I stood still for a moment and pitched my ears thinking we might have wild life movement. Nothing. I started out again one foot in front of the other - Crunch, Creak, Crunch, Creak - there it is again. Just then I started to bust out laughing - that strange creaking sound was my left knee.... As I made my way out to my very old Great Pry - Kasha who was feeling the effects of this bitter cold weather I said "Hey Girl, listen to this" She titled her head and was listening hard -
"Yep Kasha, that sound you hear is your Old Mother". Just then she spun around, rolled in the snow, jumped into the air and almost knocked me over. With all her playful puppy side she ran in the deep snow kicking up as much powder as one could hope to do. I started running and kicking snow at her at her face (she loves that) and finding my inner snow child having just as much fun.... As I poured her hot water into her bowl to break up the ice and scooped her kibble out into her bowl with the German Sausage placed on topto get the old blood a flowing - I thanked her for reminding me


Thanks Kasha for that great reminder. We all at times get caught up in those aches and pains, or the "I remember when thoughts" or worse yet - "I am too old to do that" repeating thoughts running through our brains and into our joints. Sure there are things we can not do like we did when we had a younger body but I believe that if you keep telling yourself of all the things you can't do you will BE RIGHT. Instead, how about if you remind yourself of all those things you can do and then push yourself a bit farther....

I am always amazed that my body does not register it's daily pains when I am doing the things I LOVE but rather all those pains come flooding in when I sit down and let my mind wonder into the BADLANDS of "Oh, my broken bones hurt", or "My ruptured disks in my back have me standing looking like the letter S", or worse is when I let others convince me that "This is a young girls work not Someone of MY AGE". I am the first to tell myself:

I understand physical limitation but I am just saying our biggest limitation can be our minds and all those helpful folks in the world who do not push themselves so they surely do not want us too - what would that say about themselves?
Now comes your part of this posting - What do you tell yourself about your limits? What would you like to do that is presently out of your comfort zone?? Let's share and support each other - creaky sounds and all....


Sheri said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I agree with you. What we tell ourselves can set the bar pretty low sometimes. I find if I just jump in (no whining as it makes the job harder) once I get started, no matter how difficult the job is I manage to find a way to get it done even if it isn't the same way I would have done it in the past. I'm a "pull up your socks and get on with it" kind of gal. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention and that applies to how one approaches a difficult task as well.

monica said...

I am not sure I know my limit! All it takes for me is one person to wonder whether or not I can do something and then I will prove to them that I can even if it nearly kills me! I am seriously stubborn! I do have days where I start to think "what on earth was I thinking" but I generally get back on track and keep going! I would like to move back to Ohio and the moving idea is way out of my comfort zone, but I am still praying that some how we can do it!