Monday, May 30, 2011

Another 2 am Carding Event

My body is just not getting it - there is no need to feed at 2 am now but my body was screaming out in pain and not letting me sleep so I figured I might as well get some work done.

Down the stairs I went, glass of cold Ice Tea in my hands and a couple of DVD's to watch (Shawn of the Dead and Jaws) while sitting in front of the carding machine. I turned on the lights and plugged in the sweet little DVD player (thanks kids) and turned on the humming Patrick Green. I wanted to make some batts that would calm the body and quite the mind. This batt has buttery soft Merino Lamb's Wool that I had dyed a soft aspen wood color. Then I had some silk that I dyed a Winter Wheat and soft Camel Beige. Then I gathered up some Wensyledale Lamb's Wool that was a multi colored fall garden colors. It was a roving that I had purchased some time ago with other plans for it but I never got to it so I thought this would add some gentle wisps of colors but nothing that would stand out and scream I am blue or I am purple - I love the way this turned out...

Now I wished I could say after spending several hours in front of the carding machine I found the ability to go back to bed but instead I worked through the wee hours and before I knew it the clock reminded me it was time to make early morning bottles, feed the lazy hens who would sleep the morning away if it was not for this early rising hen. I finished my morning chores by 5 am and ate my breakfast while continuing my work day. I think there is going to have to be a nap for me today when the winds start back up again. Yes, the weather guessers are saying today we will have faster winds then what has been for the last three days - REALLY just what I was hoping for.....

I would love to hear what you think of the batt (I will be posting all of them sometime today on Etsy) and what you might call it... This mush brain is finding it hard to come up with clever titles.

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