Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day My Way

My Mothers Day was surrounded by Mother Nature...

I awoke at 3 am not by choice but this silly body stated I had enough sleep - NOT!! So I watched the world's worst horror movie called "Manstor" (No my spelling is not off) it is a very bad B movie that believe it or not I have seen three times in as many months - Elvira really needs to find new movies. Anyway, after realizing even this snoozer was not going to put me to sleep I got up and started my day.

I decided since both of my son's had to work I would celebrate the day in the fashion that makes this gal the happiest. I made French Toast with a Cream Cheese Stuffing with a Maple Syrup and perfectly done Pecan Crusted Bacon. A very large Thermos of Coffee with Chi Whipped Cream. I packed it all up in my best Antique Picnic Basket and headed out to my forest. There I ate each bit surrounded by the marvels of Mother Nature. Surrounded by large Pine Trees swaying in the morning breeze there sitting next to me a lone pine cone balanced perfectly between some Scrub Oak branches. Much like our lives - our balance depends on those around us who at different times in our lives hold us up and support us during our journey. As I lingered over the last drop of coffee I reviewed the twists and turns of my life and gave thanks for my two young men who have given me such joy. Yes, there has been hard times but together we made it through and grew even stronger - at least that is how I plan to look at it - Rose Colored Glasses and all...

After walking back to the house I made the next round of formula bottles and headed to the barn. There my three little kids greeted me as if I had been lost for days. Nice to be needed and have purpose to my day. Hope everyone did those things today that gave your soul joy and peace.

Thank you Nick and Conrad for being such wonderful young men - I am ever so proud of you two. Hugs and Love from your Mom


Jane said...

Sounds like you have a very nice Mothers Day, even if your boys could not have been there. And you crack me up with some of those Movies you watch. Glad the babies are doing well also.

larkspur funny farm said...

Jane that silly movie was on again last night - Oh My I watched it again, What does that say about me???

My son's are always in my heart so it was all good. Talked to them on the phone - one out of town other works long hours so we take what we can get.

Hope your weekend was perfect in everyway. Hugs to you.