Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eyes are always on me !!!

Do you ever have a feeling like you are being watched???

With all the thunder storms, hail storms and weather watches issued Tuesday I was unable to go about my normal routines so I went to the fiber room and put my headphones on and started to get to work. While the huge carding machine was humming away at a loud pitch. My brain was wrapped around a horror movie that I knew by heart while feeding exotic fiber into the wheels of sharp teeth. As I was completely involved in my own little world I could not get this strange feeling out of my brain. It was like when you where a kid and some nasty little kid who got off on being a bully. The little nose picker would stare at your head as if to burn a hole into your flesh. I could not shake this feeling and so I moved back the curtain on the big french doors in the prep room and there was Helena giving me this look... It was horrible weather outside but I had spent at least an hour that morning trying to get her and the other girl to go into a pasture that had shelter but after we ran around and around and around I gave up and told them "You will wished you listened to me and gone into that pasture". Now, she is giving me crusties and there is no way I going out in the lighting storm to run around again...

So I tried to get back to work with someone with huge eyes giving me nasty looks - not an easy task but just the way we roll here at the farm.... Still this life is better then driving to work with folks who can not drive in bad weather only to sit in a cube while your coworker is staring a hole in the back on your head for eight long mind humming hours only to have that long drive back home with those same crazies.

What about your job sends your teeth on edge.


Jane said...

Well you could have just opened the door and let her in ;) the only complaint I have about my 'job' here on the farm is I could sure use some help about this time of year. Even if they do stare at the back of my head.

larkspur funny farm said...

Jane there is little room for the wet wild girl who never listens to instructions. I would have if it would not have been for the running around I did only an hour before.
Oh how I wished I had some helpful hands or hoofs here too... Wished I could assist you.