Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping an Eye on the Wind

With blue skies and sun shining I had such great hopes for this day - leave it to the Wind to mess that up. After several attempts to work outside I thought why not just let the goat girls go and eat the tall green grass in the backyard while I worked at the carding machine. Keeping an eye out on them through the big french doors the girls where fighting the wind and the flying bits and pieces. Just then one of the logs that was holding down the hay tarp flew off and hit one of the little goat boys. I went running outside to make sure he was O.K. Poor poor Hershel was frighten to pieces but not injury that I could find. Just then another large lumber piece came flying off the top of the hay stack and smacked me right in the face... I let go of Hershel real quick and I ran back into the house to check what damage was done to me - a big red mark and my left lower eye lid is starting to swell.

I made an ice pack and took a deep breath. With ice pack on my eye I managed to get back outside and get the girls to go back into their pasture and locked up for safety.... As I type this my left eye is almost completely closed by I could not see any damage to the eyeball so it just is not going to be very pretty. I guess it is that time again to say just how much I HATE WIND !!

So I guess there will be no beading work for me tonight and I guess I wont be on call to do brain surgery either. Just Kidding about the beading... Oh My, I guess I will have to cancel the photo shot for Vogue too... Still I can type with one eye closed and most of my other farm duties will not require both eyes but I will keep that ice pack close at hand tonight.


Penny said...

Yikes! Yes ice is your friend!
Take care.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Penny - I am thinking also to place some ice in a very tall Gin and Tonic.

Jane said...

Yes Gin & tonic for sure. Is this normal to get such horrible winds? You are going to need to get a hockey face mask to do chores. Hopefully you dont have to go in public for a few days. People always look at you funny when you have a black eye.

larkspur funny farm said...

The winds have been extreme this year that is why I am wondering if we really know what damage we have done to this earth - most folks are not really connected to the elements until it hits them. Your so right about staying out of the public view.

Candy C. said...

Goodness Grace, glad it wasn't any worse! We have been getting HORRIBLE winds here in Arizona recently too! Be careful out there!