Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rewarded Myself

After the Saturday I had I felt I needed a reward. Moosewood Resturant Cinnamon Rolls - they do not require all the work of regular Cinnamon Rolls but provide all the tender mouth watering rewards. Add to that two over easy Funny Farm Fresh Eggs and two slices of Chemical Free Hickory Smoked Bacon and this farm gal is one happy camper.

Although yesterday was not my best despite my horoscope saying it was to be a 5 star day - getting a early morning phone call that the grandchild had been throwing up and not feeling well. My heart was aching that I could not take it all away for him and bring him a happy morning. The neighbors horse again decided to run my property and upset my already frightened two year old billies which made the mother bear in me run him around my forest trying to get him to head home. I receiving an email from a dear friend who told me that the medical result where back and it was not what we had been praying for and she was frightened out of my mind. Then on top of that there still was the mountains of work to do with a body that felt like it had been beaten with a baseball bat. I kept reminding myself that out of these events there was good to be had and lessons to be learned I just need to stay focused.

The kicker was when I finally got into the house, cleaned up after working in the barn for most of the afternoon and crawled into bed at 8 pm - early I know. I was flipping through the few channels I get and there on PBS was a show about 2 girls who in the late 60's had been killed by Grizzles in a National Park that during that same time we visited many times. For those who do not know I do have a fear of bears - stemming from many encounters as a young girl. I quickly changed the channel but kept being drawn back to the story. I watched the whole show with my quilt pulled tight around my shoulders. The detailed accounting from each person there that day and night was spellbinding. They told of the wonderful hike to their camping spot, spoke of the women's love for Nature and experienced training they had to be in the wilderness. Every minute that lead to those horrible events were on the surface like any common hike except for the two ill and in pain beasts who had been silently prowling the forest. I could remember many times when we could hear the loud, low crawl and heavy breathing of a bear close to our campground but luckily never to have had the attack which came to these two women. I could not believe I was watching this - I knew I would have nightmares all night but something inside of me just would not let me push the button and watch some mind numbing repeat show... When the show was over I gazed outside at the star filled night and listened to the sounds of my farm. Breathing in the crisp air I said a prayer for those girls who lost their life in the jaws of a huge beast but also celebrated their love for the outdoors and all that lived in it. I reminded myself that we are to enjoy each day, give thanks for those good and bad that come into our lives and celebrate.

So after all that you now know why the amazing Cinnamon Rolls - I deserved it and will give thanks for all that comes into my day today... I just might have to have another roll and cup of coffee because those Bears still are sending shivers down my spin.


Jane said...

Those rolls are mouth watering. No wonder all the animals try to get into the house. You got the good stuff.

larkspur funny farm said...

I will share a nibble of them with my hard working dogs but NO BEARS Please!!!