Monday, May 9, 2011

Scary, Brutal, Destructive Day at the Farm

I know that everyone is sick of my talking about the wind - trust me so am I. This afternoon around 2 pm I was way far behind on getting the bottles out to the babies because I was struggling with trying to get my words together for a new product listing on Etsy. This fire sign gal just can not think in the wind.

I started walking down the stairs to the main floor when I looked out the living room window and just then a micro burst hit the front isolation pens and took the huge double loafing shed and threw it into and then over the next fence into the next pasture and about an acre away. I could not believe my eyes. This is not some tiny little shed it is huge and weight is several tons if not more.. It was lashed down by huge logs driven way down into the ground -which by the way where snapped like twigs and thrown also into the next pasture. Another really scary part to all this was Sophia was tethered by a cable to the side beam of the this structure so when it was air born she was flung into the air and by the grace of God the C Clip snap and she hit the ground before the structure when into the fence and then tumbling several times. Within seconds I was charging down the stairs and out the shop door. Not even thinking this was not safe to do but rather thinking "MY ANIMALS - OH MY GOSH" - they are in sheer panic and running all over the place. I ran to get to Sophia who was running towards me with fear like I had never seen. I gathered her up and ran her to another barn. Shut the door and ran to gather those who just lost their house. They are the two year old billies who where frightened out of the wits. They had been in the structure trying to get out of the wind all day - Imagine, to have everything ripped to the skies in a blink of an eye while your inside of it. Who would blame them for their fear - I was shaking inside but was so in survival mode that I did not even realize it. Quickly I checked them over and no one was hurt - the wind still blowing so hard I could hardly stand up right. The encircled me which is not their normal behavior but they wanted me to make everything alright and calm them down.

Then I ran to the pasture where the structure landed and checked the 4 and 5 year old billies who were just like little children. Then ran to me and I had to be careful that in their panic I did not get hurt. Those massive horns swirling and clanking into each other as they try to get closer and closer to me for head rubs and kisses.. I checked them all over while they licked my hands and stood next to me while every inch of their bodies was shaking like jello. To see these massive bold boys be so fearful broke my heart - I kept speaking to them over the hollowing winds trying to get them to settle down before I left them.

I quickly checked each pasture to make sure that no one was hurt from flying objects and then ran to the house to get the bottles for the little one's in the barn. I could only imagine how frightened they must be and also they have been waiting so long for their bottles now. I heated the bottles and ran to the girls barn. As I tried to get through the outside gates the wind caught the gate and ripped the metal signage off it as if they were tissue paper. I will have to find those later. I struggled to round the corner as the wind was whipping back up and made me feel as if I was walking in place. Before I entered the barn I could see in the shadows that everyone was huddled in the corners and screaming. The mother and babies were melted into large lumps of raw nerves - scared does not even begin to touch the way they looked at me. The moment I cleared the metal doors they ran to me and continued screaming. I quickly grab up the first baby and started feeding the screaming little one while trying to calm everyone down. I had a baby in my lap and everyone else glued to the remaining parts of my body. Just then "Chief" my guard Pry pushed threw them all and climbed into my lab with the baby. Later I would realize this did not set well with my poor knees but he was shaking like a leaf and I admit my insides were doing the same thing. After the bottle kids where feed and reassured that I had not forgotten them I then checked over everyone and left the barn.

I again was fighting the winds to make it back to the house but along the way I picked up several shingles that have been ripped off the roof. I went into the house to call my insurance company. In my whole life I have never had an accident or had a claim to file so I had no idea what I was to do and I must say my agent who never talks to me but has just been cashing my checks for the past 15 years was as helpful as a dirt clump. I guess I will be reconsidering many things after all this is settled. The wonderful lady however at the claim department was kind and helpful. I will get a call sometime tomorrow about when they will send a claim adjuster to the farm. Don't be too specific so I wont be disappointed.

After getting off the phone I got on safety goggles, gloves, boots and a coat and went to work on securing the animals and the farm. I thank the universe that not a single animal was injured and that I was late on getting those bottles out the door. Had I been on my normal schedule I hate to think what damage would have been done to me. After a couple of hours of hard work the farm is ready for night fall to the best we can make it. I will be watching all night that none of the animals get bloat or colic from the stress of the scary afternoon. As I said to myself - "We are all STANDING - just put one foot in front of the other and we will make it through". I admit I cried like a silly kid when I called my son but I guess I am entitled to crumble a bit after the fact. I am great during emergencies but after the dust settles this sleep deprived gal really could just use a really stiff drink - too bad I have not eaten all day or I would..

If you would not mind I sure could use some prayers for a quick resolution to this mess. I know we were very very lucky but this sure is going to be one big mess to put behind us.

So how was your Monday???


Jane said...

OMG, tons of prayers coming your way, but I would say you already had an angel looking out for you guys. So glad everyone is ok. I can not believe Sophia was tied to the structure and still ok. Yep someone was really looking out for you. Today you better eat something, have a good cry, and get that drink (and a few goat versions for the flock wouldn't hurt either). Good luck with the insurance company. That is never a fun thing.

Melody said...

Oh my...It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish when adrenalin kicks in huh?? I wish I could meet you in person! You are a very strong, caring and kind woman and I am so glad to know you!

Take care of yourself today and make yourself a strong cup of hot tea, sit and take long deep breaths!


Anonymous said...

Grace you and your sweet babies are in my heart and in my prayers, i am very grateful that all of you are safe, sending love, shary lou

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much Jane and Melody - not much sleep last night, never did get a drink because I finally got a poached egg at 2 in the morning after feeding that babies. I keep reminding myself it could have been worse and I am lucky to be standing but I admit the past couple of months have pushed this gal to and over her limits. I just need a break. Many thanks for your kind words they do help.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much Shary Lou it means the world to me...

Amy said...

Lots of prayers to you. I am so glad that every one was ok.

God Bless

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank yo so much Amy - still shaken but I got to speak with my sons so that has helped some too.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Holy wind storm Grace! I'm so glad that everyone is okay and I hope your insurance company makes things right as rain ASAP. God was watching out for you and the animals yesterday because that was the reason you were running behind and not outside when it happened! I'm so sick of this wind I could just scream. I hate the devil winds more than anything and these winds lately are about to make my last nerve fray!! Stay safe and you're in my prayers.

Nancy Jo said...

Grace, my goodness!! Not such a funny farm today. I would still be shaking and crying, you are very brave. So glad all the critters are OK.
I did put some extras in your package, but now I think I should have sent a huge box to cheer you up. Like that sign I have that says, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Easier said then done sometimes.Well I will be thinking of you.
Hugs Nancy Jo

PenCraft said...

I am glad you and your animals are all OK. I sure hope the insurance comes through! I can't imagine how scary it all was.

larkspur funny farm said...

Brenda I am with you on this - I sure hope that there is a great reason to give me all this.

Nancy Jo - please know that I am thrilled and I will so enjoy the reading material and what else you sent me - I thank you very much.

Ruth - this one did scare this old bird... Takes alot to do that but sure don't want to ever do that again.