Friday, May 13, 2011

What Wind Can Do!

Hard to believe what Colorado weather can do... Yesterday we got 8 inches of snow and could not see a foot in front of your hand - that melted by the time the sun got up in the sky. Now we get mud but I sure will take it - we made up for the lack of moisture within 24 hours...My property sure needed every snowflake.

Thought I would show you the structure that Monday was taken up in the air and thrown into the fence and then pickup up and thrown half way into the next pasture. It snapped the huge poles that held it down into the ground. The fence that attached to the structure was also ripped to pieces and there was tons of broken wood and feed bins crushed.

So now I am trying to find a distributor for the structure, fence companies who will do what is needed and then also find someone who will haul away all the broken things including the structure.

I also found out that my house roof is damaged along with two doors and two windows. It still blows my mind that we all made it through without losing a life. Sophia is still taking some baby aspirin for her hip pain and she is limping a bit but on the mend. She is a bit grumpy and who would blame her - I am too. I still have animals who are so nervous that the moment they see me the run screaming to me and just want me to pick them up - hard to do with huge billies who have those huge horns and heavy bodies but I do stop and hug, give kisses and try with words to comfort them. It will take time to get the peace back to the farm but we are so lucky and for that I give thanks...

Just when I wanted to feel sorry for myself I remember all those in GA who lost everything, all those in Japan who lost over 15,000 people and everything they owned - so I pinched myself hard and gave thanks for all the blessings that I have and for all those who have sent prayers my way... I THANK YOU !!!

So today I am keeping my mind on all that is good and even those things that are not good because even my bad is not as bad as it can get and I give thanks for that..

Head's Up - today is FRIDAY THE 13TH (yes, I am going to be watching the whole series of Friday the 13th movies while working today - it is a tradition) What is your way of celebrating this lucky day????


Jane said...

I love the mental picture of those big billies trying to jump in your lap. Snow?! You really do have some wild weather out there. For Friday the 13th I am watching a big black cloud roll in our way. Let's hope it moves through peacefully. Stay safe out there.

monica said...

Grace, I am so thankful to hear that you and all of the kids are safe! I am praying that the winds will calm down for you!!:)