Monday, July 11, 2011

Blessed by my friend Sheri C

I am truly blessed with some of the most fantastic long distant Farm Girl Friends in the world.

Today arrived a packaged brimming with love, inspiration and talent. My Maryjane Farm Girl Friend - Sheri C told me she was sending me a book to help me find a new path. This was more then I had imagined and I am so thankful to hear. There are two books for guidance and inspiration. A hand made book for me to start working 0n placing new thoughts, ideas and saying in to help keep me going when life gets the better of me. A sweet little birdhouse tea pot and matching cup so I can enjoy the two boxes of herbal teas to sip while reading the books. Then there was her amazing herbal soaps from her talented hands along with two ribbon lavender wands which I so love. Sheri is so great with her hands. My Gosh what a way to greet a Monday.

Words can not even touch the other gift she place in the box - her original writings about rediscovery and moving alone the path of life. Such incredible writings that spoke volumes to me. I am so blessed to have such a supportive lady in my life who has never met me but yet I feel we have a connection that time and distance can not touch.

Many Many Thanks Sheri for being such a grand lady in my life. I am here for you as I have learned you are for me.... WOW what a Monday!

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monica said...

Grace, What a wonderful surprise! I have to confess that I knew she was sending it because she had e-mailed me for your address! Sheri thought you needed a pick me up with everything going on and I could not agree more! :)