Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hand Spun Icelandic Wool Yarns - Lopi Style

I am finally getting to list some of my most popular wool yarn into my Etsy Shop. I will be listing some great Hand Spun Organically Raised Icelandic Sheep Wool Lopi Yarn. For those not familiar with the breed they are incredible. They live in Iceland where the winters are so harsh and the mild weather is short. Their dual coats keep the weather out and the warmth in. Sweaters made with this yarn can keep the wind, rain, snow and cold out and the warmth inside - they wear like iron. I have many sweaters that I brought back from Iceland and no matter how cold or bad the weather the sweater is all I need.

Lopi is the traditional way to spin the fiber using both coats and spun in a single. We then felt it ever so slightly so it is stable and without issues that a bulky single yarn might have - pure perfection in a single yarn. I also love it for felting projects.. It felts even and still maintains movement. The uses for this yarn are endless and it is my favorite that is why we raised them here.

I will be offering many skeins of different weights, natural colors and even some great Icelandic Patterns books... Don't wait too long they have a way of going quickly.

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