Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great New Kitchen Door

Don't look at the mess but here is my new door in the kitchen. I am thrilled with the fact that I can open a window in the door and let the cool night air in the house without worrying about some animal - one of my farm animals or a wild thing - coming into the house. Also, unlike the broken stain glass in the last one there is no whistling in the wind - which since this farm is know for wind it was nice to not have the off key song running on and on through the day and into the night.

I know for some this is no big deal but for this farm it is HUGE!!!
Once the outside framing is done I will begin the painting.. The outside color is a no problem but now my brain goes nuts to decide if I should try and have them match the old paint color (which they never get it right and will have to repaint everything anyway) or go with a different color all together... Oh, Crud!!! There went my Happy Place.. I know this is not a big deal but after all the houses I have painted I am so sick of painting. See another reason why I want a Yurt - NO PAINTING!!!


Candy C. said...

Sometimes, the simplest, "necessary" things are the best!

Aunt Jenny said...

LOVE it~! I am in the market for a new screen door for my kitchen door..the old one is awful as well as ugly. HOpefully it will be as nice as yours! I do love a good door that lets breezes in!

larkspur funny farm said...

A screen door never would work out here because of the wind that is why I went with this door - it is really nice. It take so little for me to be happy.