Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun Time in the Snow

To understand how much my Dogs love snow here is a picture of Sophia - I put together Tuesday afternoon her house with a huge carpet covering the outside and a new thick rug and blanket inside knowing in my head that she would never use it but I knew in my heart that I could sleep tonight without obsessing about her being out working in the storm...

As you can see Sophia was about six feet away from her house in a deep snow bank enjoying the cold and snoring away... After her morning nap she was up chasing snowflakes and barking at the deer... Fun Day, Snow Day Sophia's Way !!!

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Sheri said...

My Anatolians would do the same thing. They would lay in the yard and let the snow cover them until they were just a bump. I'd go outside to call them and the snowbank would come alive with shaking, jumping dog.