Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seed Savers Journal Now for Sale

In order to help you save those seeds from the plants you took such care in growing this season, I am offering to you my very own design called the
"Seed Savers Journal"

This journal is made with loving care from recycled and or re purposed materials in an attractive yet functional book (5" wide by 6" high) to help not only Mother Earth with the coming growing seasons but also with all those should a, would a and could a thoughts you get each year when you put your garden to bed for the Winter. Why pay for new seeds each year? Why worry about GMO seeds? Why let the bounty that your plants gave you go to waste???? Do you also have a Gardener in your life who would be a Happy Camper if they received such a gift?? Have you considered starting a Seed Saver Club and want a way to get everyone started off on good habits? If you answered YES to any of these questions then I have exactly what you need...

This journal is made from 100% post consumer recycled paper bags which I then fold into sections to house all your notes, pictures, and all the goodies that you will need to construct your garden or containers. Then on the outside of the pages are hand cut, folded and glued large envelopes to place your smaller seed packets or larger seeds in for safe keeping. I also provide ten small handmade envelopes along with 10 small biodegradable plastic bags and closure stickers to hold those tiny seeds in safe and sound. With all these goodies you will also find a writing pad with a sticky strip on them to take notes and the secure them to your packets or pages - that way you can keep every thing straight when taking this into the field, forest or vacant lot while collecting wild seeds.

I have created this journal with my handmade felt from our own sheep's wool, my hand spun and designer yarns along with vintage buttons, leaves and art tiles. The paper used to make the envelopes are heavy gauge scrap booking paper so they will withstand heavy usage. I have selected the colors and patterns to compliment the colors in the yarns and buttons. The book closes with Velcro dots to keep it all secure.

I have been producing this journal for local gardening groups here at the Funny Farm for going on six years now and the ladies who purchased my first ones are reporting they are still going strong. I have a variety of color patterns and front verbiage to excite almost any gardener. I will be offering them here on my blog only..

Each Journal sells for $10.00 and the shipping cost is $3.00 for U.S. and $3.50 for Canadian folks. If you live anywhere else please just send me a comment and I will calculate the postage to the exact penny for you. I take pay pal, check and money order. If you wish to purchase more then one I will also recalculate the postage so you are only being charged for what it takes to get your journals to you...

If you would like these to be sent as a gift to someone that is easy to do - just talk with me and we can make it happen. I made four dozen of the journals to give out at a wake of a well known gardener - the family was thrilled with them and how they spoke to the need to save seeds. I also found they sell very well at my local farmers market where you have a crowd of folks who know the value of buying food locally - what better way to get started on your own garden even if it is just a pot of tomatoes in your window box. We can change the world One Seed At A Time I will be posting more design selections in my next entry.

I hope you will assist in Mother Nature's quest to save seeds and secure our future for plant diversity and food safety.

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