Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My Big Boy "Chief" LOVES SNOW! Who doesn't but it is so much fun to see these dogs come alive at the first snowflake... Today we are getting hit with a big snow maker and I was out enjoying the snow while doing the feeding chores but Chief really shows us how to have fun.

As I came around the house he stood still and looked at me like a little kid with it's hand caught in the cookie jar. I smiled at him and shouted "Let's Play" and that was all it took. He did his usual plant the face in the snow and run while the snow piles up his nose and all around his head. Then picking his face out of the snow he shakes all over getting the snow out of that massive coat only to start all over again. This goes on and on and on and on - what can I say my Dogs never get tired of playing in the snow - they love snow.... Now I may not be able to keep up with his running in the snow but we do have big roll a rounds in the deep drifts and he loves for me to pile the snow all on top of him to then he shakes it off - such fun !!! I too love snow and today was a great snow day with 6 inches and still counting as of this posting.

What a way to start our day.. SNOW DAY

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Ngo Family Farm said...

My dogs had a blast today too. Snow definitely brings out their friskiness. Such fun!