Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Cooking

Early this morning I went out and cut the last of the Garlic Chives... The hens have helped themselves to these tasty tender shoots and I was lucky to get a bit more for me...

I thought while I am in the kitchen it is time to make something with love just for me. I had a large head of organic cauliflower that was screaming to be used so I put on my thinking cap and visited the freezer. There are nicely wrapped packets from a spiral cut ham that I cooked for some family gathering. Back in the kitchen I chopped some of the chives, made homemade croutons from some whole wheat beer bread -I made last week and was wanting to have it in some other form. Then grated three different types of cheesesfor the dish I had in mind. It is a simple dish but with tons of flavor and freezes well too.

The wonderful smell filled the house and in no time at all I had four meals for the freezer, one for later on this week and a nice portion for my dinner tonight. Yummy!!

I also made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Seven Minute Frosting for this weeks treat - Oh Boy!!

I admit I had two for desert tonight - I earned it. Saturday I spent a large part of the day shoveling and moving gravel to fill in some of the holes (others have called them grand canyon's) that plague my very long driveway. I was a very big girl and did not whine but rather worked all day till the sun went down and figured today was time to treat myself to some good smells in the house.

In the crock pot tonight while I sleep is a Ten Bean Soup which also includes some of the spiral ham. I am thinking maybe six containers for the freezer. I will also be freezer some eggs this week because when the girls slow down I sure do not want to have to be without or God forbid purchase store bought. Tomorrow when the soup is done I will start in the crock pot of some homemade chunky style applesause while I also have the bread machine going with a new recipe I found for a rustic oatmeal bread.

I feel like the wild animals - trying to get some food stashed for the cold weather which soon will be here - hard to believe since is was in the 80's again today. Hope you had a home cooked meal tonight -if so, what did you make??


Ngo Family Farm said... comforting this all sounds. How do you go about freezing eggs? I was thinking about eggs this weekend too, concocting ways I might be able to preserve them....

Candy C. said...

Your casserole looks divine!
For dinner tonight we are having stuffed peppers baked in the slow cooker, fresh green beans, homemade bread (of course!) and I think some boiled potatoes. I bartered bread for the beautiful red bell peppers and the green beans! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Candy your dinner sounds incredible and how amazing that you bartered bread for the peppers and beans. Was that at the farmers market?? That is fantastic.

I am still researching how to do the best on freezing eggs - I think we had a thread on MaryJane about it - will check it out tonight and let you know..

Ngo Family Farm said...

I started "preserving" some of my eggs in the form of waffles ;)