Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gallivanting Gilbert

Look at that sweet face - this is Gilbert and his is the silly guy in the group. He is one to be bouncing around, kicking up his heels and loves to run up behind the bigger boys and poke them in the butt with his horns and then run away....

Gilbert was born 2/13/20/11 to Gretal and has a sister named Gwen. He cried the hardest when he was separated from his mother and sister. He even decided not to eat for a couple of days but then his tummy won out. Gilbert may be the jester but he is also the peacemaker. He made friends with the two year old boys first and is the favorite of the two weathers who watch over the whole clan. Gilbert has tons of fiber and is uber soft - the length will be extreme and I can not wait to get to work with it.

As I type this Gilbert is jumping on and off a large metal drum that is out in their pen - sounds like a rock band warming up... It is one of his favorite games to play as the sun gets the drum nice and warm... Wished you could see him - such joy in simple things.

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