Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Musketeers

It is darn near impossible to get a picture of these three - they are fast as lightening and a bit camera shy.. However, they thought I was just interested in the others so they grouped together and thought the camera clicking was over with - Gotcha!!!

The boy in the middle is Herschel - born 2/17/2011 to Eva and has a sister named Hazel. He has the great red tone of his father Rasputin... He is going to have tons of long flowing fleece and is sturdy and strong.

The other two are brothers - Jasper and Jeeves born 2/13/2011 to Jill and father Rasputin.. They have pure white hair and those signature horns of their mother. They are gentle and quite and a bit shy. They do love to get alone and on their own do not cause a lick of trouble..

The three of them eat together, sleep together and Yes, practice the breeding routines after seeing all the older boys practicing... "Monkey see, Monkey do" - or is it rather "One for all, All for One" - so goes the Three Musketeers.


Candy C. said...

Love seeing pictures of all your critters and the stories that go with them! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Candy - I love sharing my sweet one's especially without having to risk their health thru illness that strangers can bring to them.