Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He who lives with me

It is such a blessing to know that those who find their way to my farm feel such peace here that they share themselves freely with me each day.

This amazing buck is only twenty steps away from my shop door and allowed me to take pictures of this nobel boy who was not the least bit worried about my motives. He had just stood up from resting less then a yard from the shop door where it looks like he spent a good portion of the night sleeping and sharing his energy while I napped a bit during the night. It was a restless sleep for me last night but he looks ready to greet the day and all it has to offer.

He is my inspiration today to be what the universe has made me to be and live it to the fullest.


Kristina said...

What neat thing to see.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Wow, just beautiful Grace! Thanks for sharing with us.

Candy C. said...

How cool that he feels comfortable with you and all your critters! :)