Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SHhhhhh She Sleeping

It was another restless and sleepless night here at the farm.  Kasha is dead to the world after the long, loud and every running night....  This morning after I only managed about an hour of sleep I saw this sweet scene.  Kasha sleeping so soundly with a smile on her face and Seamus was guarding her.  Seamus has been healing from a correcting from two of the big boys last week.  He was hit from both sides at once and crumbled to the ground - thought he was a goner but now almost right as rain.  Anyway, back to last nights events.

I had ever intention to try to get to bed at a reasonable hour but first the computer Internet connection was all screwed up and that happened about four times but each time I managed to correct it but lost valuable time to complete emails to customers.  During this time I also made numerous trips outside to calm the dogs and check the sweet one's.  I finally got started on some spinning and before I knew it I looked up and it was 2 am.  I admit I was lost in the calming movement of my foot going up and down and the feel of the mohair between my fingers.  I also was watching YouTube episodes to a show I had not seen before "Dog Whisper" - I know everyone has seen it for years but not me.  So here it is 2 am and knowing that I should sleep but I was not a bit tired.  I laid down but the animals were restless and I could hear them twirling around in their pens and the dogs were still barking so up I sprang again to check outside. 

I finally caught some shut eye around 4 am and was back up by 5:30 am with a headache the size of Texas.  As I made my breakfast I noticed that all the sweet one's are sound asleep and catching up on their much needed rest. I wished I could say the same.  It will be another long day for this farm gal.  Nap time is going to have to happen for me today..

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