Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleepless in Larkspur

The sunrise was out of this world this morning but it did give me pause because the whole sky was RED and for a brief moment I thought there was a fire....  Not the way to start the day so I thought I would take a picture after I calmed down.  I just could not capture the deep RED that filled the eastern sky but I gave it a shot.

The day was very busy and luckily I had some nice orders but still way behind on what normally is the tally for the shop.  I am thankful for what I did receive today and hope to tempt more folks with my fiber goodies the weekend.
I made a great Hawaiian Pizza with my fresh dough, slowly simmered roasted tomato sauce and very ripe pineapple with honey roasted ham and mounds of fresh cheese...Tasty doesn't even touch it..

I also made a warm and soft Potato Bread which was very hard to wait till it cooled down a bit before cutting.  Oh My, I wish I could share this with you but  IT IS ALL MINE!!!   In fact as I sit here at 2 am Friday Morning I am having another slice of the bread with some of the fantastic Strawberry Jam that was given to me from my friend Sheri C.  Makes not being able to sleep worth staying up for - I am also watching Season One of "Northern Exposure" and giggling how well I would fit in there. 
 I finished using the shop vac to clean all the floors and carpets in the house Yes, I killed another vac, God's knows how I managed to do it but I think I just wear them out.  I really thought that might get the sand man to show but I guess I might have sucked him up in my over the top cleaning.  I also watered all the plants and even started on re potting the Aloe Plants on the back deck. I got many dirty looks from the older billies who were hanging out next to the back deck.  I promised to turn off the back deck lights and go back into the house and let them sleep..  Can't imagine why they are so grumpy??

So as Friday is here and I am still awake I will close this posting and move on to other tasks on my list - maybe paper shredding - now doesn't that sound exciting - sure to put one to sleep.  Hope you all are resting nicely and catch up to you soon.

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