Monday, August 20, 2012

SOLD - Continental Knitting Anyone?

WOW, already found a new home for this tape.  MANY THANKS!

Wishing to speed up your knitting and have control over your tension - Continental Knitting will do the trick.  I highly recommend this tape. It is a great way to get someone started in the world of knitting.  Would make a great gift for the holidays with a pair of needles and a skein of yarn.  Great also for a Baby Shower gift as well...  Perfect to tuck into that college student bag while they wisk off to new lands.  Many ways to tempt and teach.

I am offering this tape to you for $5.00 plus shipping.  Please include your zip code (for postal quote) and your pay pal email address when inquiring so I can get an invoice out to you right away.  Many thanks for looking.

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