Thursday, August 30, 2012

Afternoon Love Fest

After dealing with the Huge Billies I went to the Goat Girl's Barn... YEAH!!!  A Love Fest..

I never ask my animals to interact with me but it is so great when they are in the mood.  It was so very hot outside that when I arrived at the barn they all came in to enjoy the cool shade.  This is the time I give a hands on check up on the girls and with all the dirt and salty sweat on me I was way too tempting to the girls.  Nothing like being a human salt lick...  It can be overwhelming with all of them pushing to get to me - you have to watch out that they don't step all over you and Yes, they have horns so it is important to watch out for that as well.  Now they don't have the same horns as the boys but with 22 girls swirling around you there can be on the wrong of some pokes, cuts and bashing.

The plan was to finish clipping Mishka and treating her little lump that she had on her side. It turned out she had a small puncture (not sure from what) but I cleaned it out, put a sauve on it and made a mental note to check on it tomorrow.   I also needed to pull a thorn out of the corner of Myrtle's eye. Myrtle is the girl (twin to Marvin) who was born blind but had a miracle happen after three months of herbal washes and tons of prayers sent to her from my kind readers - she is now perfect.  She is always seeming to do things to her eye's but luckily not too bad. She reminds me of me - not the most graceful but always seems to make it through.  I also wanted to do a body scoring on them and then just spend some "Loving and Snugging" time with them.  You know they are not friendly to strangers but they are my sweet one's.  Some are lovable, other's just free spirits and then there is Esmeralda.  What was amazing was today Esmeralda was nice to me and ate minerals out of my hand without biting or trying to take a finger off.  Is the world coming to an end???  I know I call her "Devil Goat" which truly represents her at times so I never let my guard down with her.  Maybe it was the heat?  Maybe it was her getting older?  Maybe this truly is the end of the world as we know it???  Whatever the reason I will take it and be present with what small amounts of kindness she shows me.  We have such a history together that she is my greatest lesson of forgiveness, patience and present moment being. 

So after spending almost two hours with the girls I had to move on and get other tasks done but what a glorious time. As a little girl I could be lost in the wonders of caring for a sick animal.  I never argued about picking up the dog poop in the yard.  I was over the moon when for one birthday I got a wagon of frogs to care for and enjoy. I can never put into words how this type of a day completes my heart and soul.  If today was my last day on the planet I know I have lived a GREAT Beyond Words DAY!! 


Tombstone Livestock said...

A wagon load of frogs ???? boy were you easy to please, LOL. Glad you got to snuggle all the goats, and will be able to do it again for many more tomorrows.

caprejan said...

What a lovely day you've had, I think ive said this before, but your animals are so fortunate to have such a loving,kind and generous mum.
I bet you sleep like a top tonightx

larkspur funny farm said...

I still would take a wagon full of frogs... I am very easy to please - goat licks and snuggles mean the world to me.

larkspur funny farm said...

Caprejan thanks for your kind words - I feel like I am the fortunate one. I did sleep a whole 4 hours - WOW that was like a whole days worth of sleep for this gal. I am sure you place is feeling a bit slowed down after all you have been doing of late.