Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh to be young again

As I am dragging myself around this morning and even the adult goats are struggling to keep their eyes open the three little bottle kids are playing Ring Around the Rosie...  They spent the night tucked into their barn with Chief watching over them so they had not care in the world and sleep with sweet dreams running in the heads.  As soon as they saw me in the kitchen window they start calling for me to come play with them.  They ran round and round chasing each other trying to show me what fun would await me if I just came outside.  I took a quick picture because the moment I am outside all hell with break loose.  They will then demand me coming and picking each one up and snuggling them while covering them in kisses...  Where do they get such notions???  Hard to be tired when such love is beckening you....  O.K. kids - Here I Come...  Ready or Not

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