Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wild Weekend

I am trying to catch my breath and also get caught up on sharing what has been going on here. Where to start???

Well, first I was out with the little goat babies working in the back yard when a coyote came out of thin air, ran past Goldie and I and grab on of my sweet hens.  I screamed and started running after it as it dropped her while trying to get thru the fence.  The hens neck was snapped and so all this for nothing.  Luckily I kept saying that the beastie did not try to get one of the little goats or bit me but still to loose another hen. 

Next, I spent two days digging out and loading broken hay pallets off the property and trucking them to the forest and stacking them nice and neat at the camp ground area that we have create out there.  I lost count of the number of pallets but my shoulder and back as saying there was way too many... I also hauled out the lumber from the garden fence that broke apart in one of the numerous snow storms. Yeah - that is almost all done and I feel great about that once my body stops screaming.

Then I also spent the weekend trying to find the dead chipmunk in the basement wall.  Yep, you read that right.  In the usual fashion of this farm the silly thing crawled to far in and so I could not retrieve it.  Now I don't know how many of you have had a mouse dye in the house but trust me a chipmunk is worse.  So I am trying to deal with the smell because of coarse it is next to the shop where I have tons of work to do.  So it is Vick's under the nose, head phones in the ears to mask the sound of the silly thing crying for help and pressed on with that which I could do.

I did find some time when I could not sleep to sit and spin some incredible Art Yarn - I have a few of them in the Etsy shop today and more to come.  No matter how bad a day I have had it seems that spinning always puts me right.  So as I watched a crappy movie called "Catacomb" at 1 in the morning I happily spun for hours creating very textured and what I feel are lovely yarns.  I will post a few pictures of the yarn in a bit.

Lastly, for the past 6 hours I have been chasing this new little one (pictured above) around the shop trying to get it outside before it gets into a wall or lost in the house.  Silly thing ran in when I was coming in from feeding the hens and before I knew it the silly things ran everywhere.  I sat with the shop door open to the morning breeze hoping it would go out - instead I got two hens and a hummingbird in the shop. 

Never dull around here... Strange but not dull..


Candy C. said...

Wow, that coyote was really brazen! Not good!
Ugh, dead things in the walls or under the house are HORRIBLE!! Even little bitty mousies!

Ngo Family Farm said...

Bad, bad coyote! We've lost 5 hens to a very brazen fox :( I think the drought is making all the wild things desperate.

Sounds like there's still no vacancies at hotel funny farm ;)

larkspur funny farm said...

I keep taking water out to the forest to keep the wild beasties away but your right they are all suffering but it was very scary - he was within 5 inches of my a sweet Goldie...

I am so sorry Jaime for your losses - I know it is difficult.

Candy the smell is really bad today - hope I do not have much longer of this...