Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weaning Time Ain't Easy

Being a Mom is not always pleasant...  For the past three days the farm is experiences the trials of weaning with Happy and Dot.  It is time but there is never the perfect time in the eyes of the baby.  Dot has been running the fence, humming loudly and trying to figure out how to get to Mom!!Chewing on the gate and standing on hind legs all show that someone is really not happy about this process but it is time and must be done. Night time is the worst and the most heartbreaking. They sit next to each other with the fence between them - I have to then go place Happy in another pasture so Dot does not still nurse through the fence. That only goes to make the crying louder. Oh Well - Tough Love is what I keep saying...  Not the easiest time here at the farm.

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