Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fairy Knots

One of the Art Yarns up in my Etsy Shop - Fairy Knots - from the magical fleece of LFF Sundance, a sweet and lovely twin Angora Twin born to Rebbecca on 2/21/2010 and shorn one year later with the softest and tightest locks around.  I proceeded with a kettle dyeing process leaving some of the natural creamy white showing while developing soft pinks, roses, and even a touch of pale lettuce green which was not even in the pot so the magical fairies must have helped out.  Once carding was done I spun a soft but even single then plied back with a Mohair thread and let the fiber do it's dance.  As the single twist and turned, bubbled and coiled I anchored it all with the Mohair thread.  The result - well you tell me what you think???


Ngo Family Farm said...

Whimsical and beautiful! Looks so soft, too.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you - it is so very soft and has a sheen to it that the camera kept bouncing