Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Day at the Farm - Sweet Melting Treat Give A Way

While the weather is getting warmer you have to eat those sundaes a lot quicker. This is my yarn replica of my melted Chocolate Sundae with Marshmellow Cream, Cherries and Crushed Nuts on top. This hand spun yarn has 40% Alpaca, 30% Borderleister Wool, 20% Tunis Wool and 10% Mohair. While spinning this blend I let the fiber run thru my fingers as my home made Chocolate Sundae did last night. I loved every cold, sweet spoonfull and now you can have that same tasty treat without the calories or the messy fingers.... Hope you will give this one a try...

The Give A Way is for one skein of this mouth watering yarn. If you leave a comment at this posting about your favorite Icecream treat you will be entered to win a 42 yard skein valued at $5.88 plus shipping for just telling me what you lick your lips about... Easy! I will place all your names in a big bowl and Sundae (get it?)Sunday June 6th I will draw the winner and send your skein off to your waiting hands. Good Luck and eat some icecream.


Kris said...

Hey Grace, That is very pretty. It does remind me of a chocolate sundae. My very favorite ice cream treat though is a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. It's my weakness. Thank goodness the closest one is about 50 miles from here!

What a cute contest!

Diane Van Horn said...

Grace, I could just eat that yarn up! My favorite ice cream treat is a turtle sundae. Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, caramel, pecans and lots of whip cream. What a fun contest!

Anonymous said...

How pretty this yarn is! It really does look like chocolate ice cream with specks of marshmellow in it.
My fav ice cream is called frozen pudding, I think its a New England things. Its not actually pudding, its more like a frozen custard type ice cream with specks of dried fruit and has a similar flavor to rum raisen. I LOVE it!
OneCraftyBugger MJFarm girl # 1485

Anonymous said...

My favorite ice cream is homemade peach, cream from my Swiss Brown cow, "Molly Moo Cow", fresh peaches from my own organic trees, and all the work done by hand, but it is SOOOOOO worth it! Thanks for considering me, I am 1badmamawolf from MJF connection, alias Teresa.

Anonymous said...

Grace, I love this yarn too! It looks delicious! I loved reading about how you did it....wow, such a labor of love!!! I love Sundays and Banana Splits....with lots of chocolate, nuts and cherries!! Cold Stone does the best I've tasted (and I'm sure there are at least a million calories in each one!!!) Lin MJFarmgirl

Betsy said...

When I was a little girl, my dad used to take us to Cleo's Ice Cream Stand in Canton, Ohio and I would always get their specialty - Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream -- mmm, mmm! It was so good. Betsy MJF Girl #1444

Channah said...

Beautiful yarn Grace!
My favorite ice cream is ice cream sundaes.

Karrieann said...

Okay! You have gone and did it! I wasn't hungry for ice cream... that was until I saw that delicious color of yarn! Chocolate with a big pile of cherries.. and add on that syrup of caramel!... maybe I'll head to the store soon and get me some cherries and Rocky Road ice cream! Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite ice cream treat is hard to describe. It's something they have here in Japan. It's like what we would call a "Snowball" but it's kind of mixed with vanilla ice milk and doused with sweetened condensed milk, and comes in a container just like one portion of ice cream. It's called "Rakutou Ice." So, in terms of yarn, it would be a mixture of stark whites and creamy whites . . .

Tre said...

mmmm my favorite ice cream treat. Perhaps it's bad timing to be writing this right before leaving for fasting bloodwork, as now I'm even more hungry, but anyhow...

My favorite ice cream treat is simple: Vanilla ice cream. "plain vanilla" is not a concept I can understand in a bad way. It's a gentle flavor yes, but it can form the most amazing backdrops - it clashes with next to nothing I've tried.

Vanilla to me tastes like the backdrop of dreams and awakenings, reminds me of hot, sticky summer nights or winter days when I just needed a pick me up. one of my favorite things to pair it with is strawberry italian ice with huge chunks of strawberry in it, but again, the real star in my mind is the vanilla ice cream.

I can't imagine a life without it. It's just... that happy little thing that can give me a boost in sadness or just make happy times happier.

... man, now I really want ice cream.

beekeepersgirl said...

My gentleman friend and I make homemade ice cream, and my favorite is honey ice cream made with the raw honey from our bees. The yarn is beautiful - please enter me in the drawing!

beekeepersgirl MJF #691

Anonymous said...

That yarn is GORGEOUS!!! I love Oreo cookie blizzards from Dairy Queen! I really love any kind of ice cream because I have such a sweet tooth, but that is usually what I crave when I think about getting ice cream. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks so much! ~BarnChickCecily

Ashley said...

So pretty. I love the colors! My favorite treat is an Orange cream slush from Sonic. So yummy on a hot day. Please enter me in your drawing. Have a great day!~Ashley

Sharon said...


Your yarns are so beautiful! There are so many ice cream treats that I like, I guess one I have been craving lately is just Coffee Ice Cream with chocolate jimmies on top :)

Thanks for entering me in your sweet giveaway!


Susan/Coloquilter said...

My favorite ice cream is a good old fashioned chocolate milkshake. Soooooo smooth,creamy and good !

Susan/Coloquilter said...

My favorite ice cream is a good old fashioned chocolate milkshake. Soooooo smooth,creamy and good !

Debra said...

What a nice giveaway! Please enter me!

Debra said...

oops! My favorite ice cream treat is a banana split!

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, glad you are getting some sun. Love your yarn. My favorite ice cream is Eddy's Butterfinger.
Happy spinnings to you!

Anonymous said...

Grace, you are the best! My favorite ice cream treat is a hot fudge sundae! Thanks for the treat!

RUA2J said...

WOW I love the yarns! Gotta be homeade goat milk ice cream-toooooo die for!

beverley baggett said...

Oh I would have to say that bear claw ice cream is my all time favorite. the chocolate covered cashews and the caramel just make the very chocolate ice cream soooo good. If you are a chocoholic like I am this is the one for you!!!!

Gail Rankin said...

Love the yarn.......it is beautiful!
My very favorite way to eat ice cream in the summertime.....
*Homemade Fresh Fruit Cobbler
(blackberry or peach)
*A Super Duper Scoop of Rich Vanilla Ice Cream

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Gail from MJF....Farmgirl Sister #61

monica said...

Grace, What a wonderful giveaway! The yarn is lovely!

My favorite would have to be either from when i was a kid, Dairy Queen chocolate sundaes with marshmallow topping or mocha almond fudge with chocolate syrup on top!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm looks so good you could just eat it up. My fav is a hot fudge sunday, but that is baaad for the hips so I normaly go with my second choice which is a good choc chip icecream. Ok headed to 31 flavors.
MarionCountryGirl from MJF

Spinners End said...

Lovely as usual Grace. My favorite ice cream treat is...vanilla bean ice cream with real lemonade poured over the top. It is so incredibly refreshing... Baskin Robbins used to make a flavor called Lemon Custard that I loved too. Runners up include butter pecan from a local Michigan Dairy and Breyer's Coffee.

Brenda said...

oooo yummy!!!! I will say that this beautiful yarn definitely reminds me of a hot fudge sundae, one of my favorites!
But, my very favorite is my own home made rocky road ice cream with marshmallows, peanuts and extra chocolate sauce!
Thanks for doing the giveaway Grace!

Bright Meadow Farms said...

Grace, the yarn is georgeous and the photography is great - I can almost feel the softness and sleekness.

My favorite commercial ice cream is Black Cherry - kind of a dark pink ice cream but studded with dark red, almost purple cherries. Talk about a cool treat, to top it off, I recently found out cherries lower inflammation in your body.

But as for homemade ice cream, nothing can top my memories of the homemade vanilla custard ice cream we made on summer nights whenever on of the cousins had a birthday. The cream was fresh from uncle's dairy farm, and the eggs came from my aunts hens. The ice cream freezer was filled up with crushed ice and rock salt, and all 20 or so of the cousins had to take a turn at the hand crank. Every so often uncle would come over and carefully open it up to see if it was frozen yet, talk about anticipation! Sometimes it was way after dark by the time it was frozen hard enough to scoop out.

Thanks for sponsoring this!

- brightmeadow

Diana Rasmusson said...

Absolutely the Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait...I don't know if Dairy Queen actually qualifies as Ice Cream, but it sure is yummy with all those salted peanuts and hot fudge! Runner up is a Root Beer Float from A&W :) Thanks for sponsering this contest and making that gorgeous yarn!

Cindy Jean Gonyer said...

Love your blog! And the fiber arts - absolutely beautiful!!

My favorite ice cream is homemade peppermint! Lots of peppermint chunks!

Have a great weekend!
Farmgirl #1273

Anonymous said...

My favorite (ever since I was little and had it as my annual birthday cake) is homemade ice cream cake! It's a layer of crumbled brownies on the bottom with homemade vanilla icecream in the middle and another layer of crumbled brownies on top! Simple but delicious! Just talking about it makes me want to go make one now :)
I can't wait until Sunday (I mean Sundae) to see who won this gorgeous yarn. If I'm lucky enough to be drawn you can contact me on the Mary Janes Farm forum. I'm Reereebee! Thanks.

Angela Muller said...

This is my second attempt to post. Lets see how it goes:) I love homemade peach ice cream from our dairy farm. I use the cream I seperate from our milk and fresh peaches from our family's orchard and viola creamy peach ice cream...my favorite on a summer's day:) Thank you so much for this generous giveaway. And what a great theme for it:)
Angela aka farmallgrl @ MJF forum

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,
Being a homegrown Michigan girl, one of my favorites is Hudsonville's Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream. You can't go wrong with all those chunks of (almost) homemade fudge swimming about!

Take care,
Lyn Chase
Farmgirl Connection

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