Friday, June 18, 2010

Sensational Silk - Sunset Giveaway

I could not resist in putting this giveaway together to honor the magical silk producing moth. For years I have provided all types and stages of silk for my customers and never grow tired of their magical properties and their thousands of uses. All come from a tiny little worm who without even knowing it - it provides the world with one of the strongest and yet most elegant fiber. So here is my way of sharing their hard work with others.

All you have to do is send me a comment in this entry about what is your favorite silk item you have owned. Easy Right???

To the lucky winner you will get some of my handpainted silk roving, 3 different hand dyed silk waste, 3 of my hand dyed silk cocoons and also 3 of my hand dyed silk rods. All the colors remind me of a sunset but it will be up to you to decide what to do with them.

This giveaway will be running from Friday June 18th and run thru midnight Thursday June 24th MST. Don't forget to give me away to contact you. Don't let the sun go down without leaving a comment - it is worth the effort...

By the way you can enter in both giveaways I have running - double your chances to win...


Anonymous said...

When I was really little my mother had 2 beautiful silk skirts. One was purple and the other was blue. We still have them even though they no longer fit.
Maggie14 from MJF

Melody said...


I would love to enter the giveaway.
I collect vintage silk scarves and men's silk ties---It is such a "rich" fabric-cool and classy!

And, the bee stamp is so sweet. My husband though is allergic to bees and where ever we go I keep an epi pen in my bag and he keeps his in the car. This was the first year I came across a orange band bumble-bee-Never saw one like that before!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Sadly, the only thing I've owned that's silk were a few blouses. I found one while shopping & liked it so much I went back and bought a couple more in different colors. They were silk camp shirts and were oh, so comfortable!
Take care,
Lyn @
DvilleMama Farmgirl #1574

Anonymous said...

Your give away goodies are lovely, I would love to be entered in your drawing thanks!!

Karrieann said...

..should be easy to comment but atlas I do not have any favorite silk items... but I did get Hubby a silk tie for his birthday.. it is very nice, on him!

Thank you for the fun!

Willardsdaughter said...

When I was in Thailand, I visited the night market in Chang Mai. Although I don't like to bargain, I tried my hand at it, and one result was three lovely silk camisoles, in black, white and pink. They are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and have worn like iron! I love them! I often dream of going back just to get some more . . . .

Royalpaca said...

What a great idea :)
My first encounters with silk , was as a child, my mother had lots of "artist" friends, and one of them hand painted on silk! She made beautiful scarves and wall hangings... I found it so original (in my 8 year old, child brain) to get away from the typical canvas!
I love silk! Luscious and luxurious and just light as the wind! I use recycled silk now in my "alpaca felted scarves" sometimes :)
And good luck to everyone :)

Royalpaca said...

oups ... you can contact me here
At the bottom of the home page, there's a contact form

Brenda/Classygram said...

What a great give away! I would have to say my favorite was my long pure white nightie I had for my honeymoon. It was just beautiful. And I would love to win this wonderful give away! Brenda/classygram

monica said...

I would have to say that my favorite silk items are the silk fibers that I have gotten from you! I love the soft feel of the fiber and I am still amazed when I spin silk thread!

Marcy said...


Thank you so much for having this drawing! What fun! My favorite silk item would have to be any little piece that I might find from a thrift store. I am collecting them as I go to be put into a crazy quilt that I hope to pass down to future generations.
Again, thank you for doing this!

Siobhan said...

I don't think Ive ever owned anything that was 100% silk but I have a super light comfy cardigan sweater that I wear almost everywhere that is a silk/cotton mix. I'd like to win this giveaway so that the silk making moths can pay me back for all the wool yarn and sweaters that their wool eating cousins have destroyed LOL! And because I just want to pet it. :)

PattyMara Gourley said...

My favorite silk item is when I was given the shoebox of silkworms from my third grade classroom to care for over the Christmas holidays. Our family had a mulberry tree in our back yard, planted by my mother when we were babies. I fed the leaves to the caterpillers daily....and was able to see them begin to spin their cocoons. I was utterly fascinated with them, and was devoted to them.

Maybe that is why I love the cocoons and silk fibers that you carry? I grew up to become a painter of silk, but my love of silk began as a child, feeding mulberry leaves to the silkworms.

PattyMara Gourley

Cassie Shella said...

Your silk looks beautiful - I love the colors. I had two skeins of recycled silk yarn. Silk that was used for the making of the yarn was the waste ends from the clothing manufacturing industry in Nepal. It was ruff and edgy but very smoothe, I loved it! I made myself a handbag out of it, and then gave it to a friend that really liked it but could not knit. Thanks for having the give away, have a great week.

Kris Hundt said...

This is so much fun. I'm not sure I have ever owned anything made of silk but I so love the soft creamy texture.

Karen said...

Hi Grace!
oooh silk!
I only own a couple of skeins of silk scraps,dyed the prettiest turquoise.
I'd love to enter your contest.

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, my father sent his mother a silk table scarf when he was overseas in WW II. That scarf was always on my grandparent's library table until both grandparents had died and then I watched my father hold that scarf in his hands and recall the events and the emotions he and his mother exchanged while he was gone in the service. It now is in my old camel back trunk along with letters that my father wrote to his mother while he was away. She had saved everything that her 17 yr old son and her next to the youngest of 13 children had sent to her. The old silk scarf is in very beautiful blues.
Grace, thanks for making me think about the sweet memories of my dad and grandmother, especially on Father's Day.
God bless you always

Angela Muller said...

Oh Grace, you are pulling out some bittersweet memories:) My favorite silk item is a silk hanky that was my great grandmothers. It was given to me on my wedding day. I used it that day to wipe away tears of joy. It went with me on my honeymoon. While on my honeymoon, my grandfather suddenly passed. And again the hanky was used to wipe away mt tears...only this time they were tears of sdaness. I still have my silk hanky folded neatly in my bible along with a dried rose from my wedding bouquet and a dried rose from my grandfathers casket spray.

Thank you for this oppurtunity. Your giveaways are always wonderful:)
Angela.....MJF farmallgrl

Anonymous said...

Goash Grace, these colors are SO lovely! I do needle felting, and have never used silk, but bet it would be a fantastic addition to something wonderfull.
My favorite silk item is a scarf that my husband purchased for me in shades of perriwinkle, blues and yellows, almost to nice to wear, I usually use it as a throw on top of one of open purses.
Thanks for the fun!
Robin sister#1485 MJFarm

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure I've had a "favorite" silk item. I was in love with silk scarves for many years and had about a half dozen that were stunning. Then, in one mad cleaning rampage, for some reason, I got rid of them all. I don't remember who I gave them to. I just hope that whoever it was fell in love with the one with the roses, or the one that was hand-dyed, or maybe the one with all the little blue flowers. But really, how could anyone NOT love something made of silk?

Melissa said...

I've actually not had a chance to work with silk too much. But I have a lovely scarf that my uncle brought me back from his travels that mixes together beautiful shades of purple and pink. I use it at work as a canopy above my computer monitor.



Brenda said...

My favorite silk thing is a top and skirt that I made from off white silk dupioni and silk gauze (for the lower sleeves) for my oldest daughter when she was 9. My girls call it the princess dress- it turned out very well. Two of my girls have worn it so far, the third is waiting for it to fit! When I was around 12, I wanted some silk so badly since I had never actually touched any. I had read about it, but those were the polyester years. They didn't even have silk in the fabric stores! So it gives me great pleasure to be able to dress my daughters in silk sometimes! I have experimented with spinning silk a little bit, but I haven't done much yet!

larkspur funny farm said...
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larkspur funny farm said...

Congrat's to Maggie14 - she is the new proud owner of the silk collection.

I thank you all for entering this giveaway and for sharing all your wonderful stories.

Get ready ladies because another giveaway is on it's way.

Again, many thanks and Congrat's Maggies14