Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Girls without their billies

I thought you might like to see the GIRL'S - they are having a great time wondering around the so called back yard, eating the pine trees (which they are always getting yelled at for doing) and keeping watch over the critters of the farm. Henreitta is the spotted girl trying to reach that spot that we all wished someone would scratch. The white girl is Hellena the daughter of Henreitta. The pair of them are usually found keeping the older male goats in line but every once and awhile they need a break from all that "BOY GARBAGE", but don't we all?? They find such pleasure in not having to smell them, hear them or put up with their pushing at the water tanks. I always find it interesting that while they are without the boys they spend much more time grooming themselves, rolling in the tail grass and taking long naps. They also humm more - You heard me right, they humm more!!

So let's hear it out there girls - HUMMMMMMMMM


Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, the girls are beautiful. I wish I had a couple of llama girls!

larkspur funny farm said...

They have their moments - they sure do work hard so that makes up for the less then friendly nature.