Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuscan Sunset

I have been busy at the Patrick Green carding machine this weekend and have some eye candy for those in the fiber arts... I have been dyeing fiber all Spring long from my animals and finally organized my fiber stashes so I can share some of my bounty in the form of "Designer Fiber Arts Batts".

I have been looking for sometime now at the new wave of batts out there and can honestly say I am not all that thrilled - some may call them edgy and trendy but to me it looks like the creator has not taken the time to think and just threw fiber and the carder. I have devoted time and attention to my combinations so the spinner or felter will get a pleasing finished product while knowing they are supporting a small organic farm who spends 365 days with the fiber that is being raised and used in these batts.

Beginners will find them easy to draft and with top quality fibers that do the work for you - every skein that you create will be something you can be proud of. For the experienced spinner the sky is the limit - with proper technique you can create novelty yarns that you only have dreamed of. I have also considered that if you are selling your final projects I want you to be able to receive top dollar for your time and that happens by providing the best fibers and creative dye colorways to keep you ahead of your competition. I want you to enjoy using my batts and be prosperous too.

This batt has Natural Fawn Alpaca from "Gambler". Mohair from sweet Sugar my 17 year old Angora wether which I have dyed a clear Sunflower color. The French Angora Bunny fur came from Lucy and I dyed a calm coral. The wool is a natural chocolate brown from Fudge - a sweet corriedale sheep who graced this farm for many years. I took Bamboo and dyed it a bold Tangerine and then took natural Honey colored Silk to round out the blend. As you can see great fibers and colors carded together to give you an incredible blend that will just brighten your soul while working with it.

I would love to hear what you think of the blend - Please give me your thoughts if you have a chance - I am here to grow, learn and provide you with top products.


monica said...

Grace, I LOVE your batts! The colors are just beautiful! Even though I have some batts that are made up of whatever comes out of the jar, I still prefer batts with thought to color! The thing about the wild batts is that while they may look neat with all of the colors, what on earth would you make out of the yarn from them?

Jami @ Cooke Creek said...

Grace, I like your colors and it looks like a nice substantial batt too. Enough to make something from. Some of the real artsy batts are fun as in eye candy but I never can think of how to use them much in something I'd wear. I like the golden blend...matches my bedroom quite a bit. : )

Cassie Shella said...

Your batts are beautiful! I'm drooling just looking at them. Where do you sell them? I wish I could feel them through the computer screen. Have a Blessed week!

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, this one is my favorite. I love your blend and I can see a beautiful draping scarf. I bet it will spin and knit up like a dream.
This batt is a class act!

larkspur funny farm said...

Oh thank you all so much for the kind words - It is truely even more incredible in person. Sarita and scarf would be perfect and with the fibers in it - it would be warm too.

Cassie you can purchase any of my products thru Etsy and for my farmgirl friends I can always work out special shipping.

Jami I agree eye candy is great but I want something that will work and also make something..

Monica we have talked about the "Cat Throw Up Yarn" hairballs are not my style...