Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old Guys teaching New Guys

I moved Casper and Sugar (yes, he is a neutured boy even with that name) to be with the youngest boys who are trying to cut the apron strings with their mothers... SUCH BABIES BOYS ARE!

These two senior gentlemen will teach these wipper snappers the finer points of herd life and give them the male point of view about life on the Funny Farm. Each Summer these two are given the role of grandfather, mentor and enforcer. The pair of them are showing their age (like all of these days) but there is nothing better then life experience, a level hand that comes with time and a unconditional love that only appears after many years of hard knocks. They are now 17 years young and still have much to share with the world - I hope that is true for me too..

My two very senior boys are my dear friends and every morning when they greet me at the pasture gate to receive their special oatmeal and tons of kisses - I know my newest young men are in very loving hooves....

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jane said...

How sweet you have foster daddies! I bet that cuts down on the heart wrenching crying for their mommas. I always hate that time. Makes me want to cry too.