Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lightening Strikes Again

Well I am sitting at the small library about 25 miles from the farm because Wednesday Afternoon while I was busy in the barn a huge storm came up without warning. At least no warning for someone who is busy in a barn trying to shear.

Anyway by the time I saw what was coming it was too late - I did not dare run to the house because the lightening was hitting in ground right on the property. Too late to unplug the phoneline and YES, fried my modem.... Again!!!

Now I have to kick myself because it is that time a year when I know if I walk away for the computer I shut it down, unplug it and remove the phone line. I have gone thru I can not count how many surge protectors and fried modems. So, Mother Nature I guess was again telling me - "Don't you let down that guard or I will smack you upside your head". I am thankfull that no four legged was hurt and that I was not silly enough to try that sprint to the house.

Today everything is on hold until the Geek Guys who are so great get me up and running. As I walked in the door they said "Lighting Again Grace" with a glee in their eyes. Then I have to have them talk at me about not have such an antique set up and why I still do not have a cell phone, high speed internet or all those other things I fight not to have.... Please just fix my modem!!!

So talk with everyone later - the crying kids, runny noses and coughing folks are not making me feel like I can stay very long. I know I am a hermit but I really like it that way...


Georgianne Holland said...

Hi Grace! Lightening striking twice is usually meant to say "It just could not happen!" I see that this does not apply to you! I'm glad that everyone is alright. I'm also glad to have a friend who feels like I do about technology: Enough already!!

Wishing you well. Don't let the library kids sneeze all over you!

monica said...

Grace, I am glad to hear that you and the kids are safe! Sorry to hear about your computer!