Friday, February 11, 2011

Devil Goat Delivery - Thrills and Chills

I have never been shy to let folks know about my feelings for one of my goat girls - Esmeralda - the Devil Goat!!! Over the years her and I have had our battles and I am the one who ends up being hurt. Maybe we are too alike - strong willed, a very protective mother and someone who knows their own mind and follows it even when there is an easier way - Yep, we are two pea's in a pod.

Well I tried to put my head and heart in a kinder place with her even when it still hurts to take a breath because of her plowing me into the side of our metal barn after I assisted her with a problematic delivery. I guess you can tell I am still holding a bit of a chip on my shoulder and cracked rib cage... Last year we locked horns (rather I had to grab her horns and force her head into the corner of the pen to let her kids nurse) twelve times a day in order to keep her twins nursing with her and not in the house with me. This fun went on for three months so as you can see we have a bad history together.

So you can imagine my thoughts for this year with Esmeralda. I tried to place out in the universe the thoughts of an easy delivery, a kinder goat with no thoughts of hurting me or anyone else in the barn. I tried to mediate on those thoughts but a small voice in the back of my head said "Who are you kidding, this is the Devil Goat". Quickly I tried to clear my mind and place it back to good will towards all. The universe always gives us what we send out and this year was no different.

Shortly after Kate delivered I noticed that Esmeralda had placed herself in her yearly located kidding pen. First, can I say I am so amazed how these girls will return to the same pen year after year. So I gave her a big bucket of water - she drinks tons before and after delivery. I tied the pen up and told her that I would sit clear on the other side of the barn as to not upset her. See she also will charge at me if I watch her... So I moved my chair and went about writing in my notebook and counting the contractions and grunts she made. Hour upon hour went by and no progress. As I kept repeating kind thoughts that small voice was saying "This is just like the last time"... "You know what happen to you last time"... "Crap, I don't want to get hurt again!!"
O.K., I need work on my positive mediation but I am also going to be the one who is going to have to go in there with the Devil Goat....

Now it has been 6 hours and the labor is strong, the pushing is getting her no where and I can tell she is starting to grow week. I thought maybe if I talk to her - well that did not go well. In the middle of her hard pushing she found the strength to get up and charge the gate. Some folks just don't know when to set it down... I backed off and waited till she was back on her side. I untied the gate and slowly stepped inside. I kept a slow and steady breathing pace as to not give her reason to panic. I waited till she was in mid contraction and stepped next to her. As she finished her contraction and started to stand I saw that we had another problem presentation. One foot and a head. That is not good. So as she was almost on all feet I quickly pushed the head and foot back in. You can not do this gently because what you need to do is unlock the foot presentation.
She spun around and caught my leg with her horns. Luckily I had on my heavy duty fleece lined jeans and two pair of long johns so no damage to me.. She started her next contraction and there was only the head showing. I think now we will be making progress and just then with one massive push out came the rest of the head and two front legs. With that I left the pen and she sat down and delivered the remainder of the body. The sweet little creature wiggled and drew a deep breath. Mother went about cleaning off the little one while I knew another was soon too follow.

I returned to my chair and started counting the contractions again. The where coming fast and close together. The first baby was crying and wanting it's mother but she was busy. Normally I would go in and clean the face and treat the cord - that is with any other goat but not the Devil Goat. I had to sit on my hands and just watch. Out came the second baby and now she was frantically trying to clean both. Too bad she would not let me help!! I guess we are alike - I have never been one to ask for help even when it sure would have made my like easier..

After 45 minutes of her cleaning, talking, pawing them into nursing position we had contact. Two nursing kids. The first kid is a rich chocolate brown with black markings and the second is a light latte color with black markings. You might be asking - "What's the Sex?" Like I am going in there and touching them - did you not read the part about her hurting me??

So those two sweethearts where born 2/9/11 at 5:43 pm and 5:49 pm. Today is the 11th and I finally know the sex's - not by touching but by watching them pee... They are two fine, strong and handsome BOY'S.... Devil Goat charged the gate and tried to bite at my leg just for watching them pee... I do have to give her credit she is a SUPER MOM and would lay her life down for them - hope someday my kids would tell that to others of me. With my strong will, list of do's and don'ts and no holds bared Independence I guess the reason why the Devil Goat has never left this farm is because she is me and I am her... Boy does that suck!


stregata said...

You know something? You are an absolutely amazing woman!
Glad to hear somethings are happening without too many problems. Hoping your weather will warm up.

larkspur funny farm said...

I thank you for your kind words but I think we all are amazing! Each one of us has a calling and when we are doing that we can do amazing things. All I know is this is what I do today and I am thankful that I have some skills. Now don't ask me how to fix this silly computer and I do not know how to work a cell phone so see I have limits - BIG LIMITS

Jane said...

I know that it can not be easy dealing with the Devil Goat, but I love when that translates to a really good Mama.I love reading about all these tiny babies and how the Mamas just know what to do (your in that group too). I love to see that bond. I once stood in Yellowstone Park and cried when I saw a wild buffalo nurse her small baby. I just love nature. It is so beautiful at times.

Keeper of the Past said...

I chuckled as I read your blog this morning...I had a ewe named Dolly that gave me fits and I dreaded doing anything with her, she nailed me every chance she got.
Can't wait to see pictures of new babies!

larkspur funny farm said...

Jane I am with you I marvel at the complex relationships that animals have with their young. We just do not take the time to watch and learn. If only most folks spent sometime see how much closer to us they are they may not be so eager to eat them.

larkspur funny farm said...

How Funny - we had a Dolly Sheep and she was a handful to put it nicely - maybe it is something in the name???

Still working on getting the computer to listen to the camera but hopefully soon I can trick it.
Are you melting yet?

larkspur funny farm said...

How Funny - we had a Dolly Sheep and she was a handful to put it nicely - maybe it is something in the name???

Still working on getting the computer to listen to the camera but hopefully soon I can trick it.
Are you melting yet?

monica said...

Oh Grace, There is never a dull moment of the farm is there! I had to laugh when I read your post! I am glad that the babies are fine!!!I do hope that you get some rest!