Friday, February 11, 2011

Maggie's Twins Update

This is a picture of the girls 20 minutes after they where born - I am trying to get new one's for you. Please be patient with me I have had my hands really full..Sorry for leaving you hanging but Thursday was one of those days that left no time to even see the computer let alone try and get it to work - No it is not fixed - heck I just finally snowshoed down the driveway to put orders in the mail box. Last I saw the end of my long driveway was last Saturday.

Anyway about the sweet girls - My or My are they doing well. They are drinking at each feeding 3 ounces now and are getting into the bumping the bottle like they would with their Mother's bag to get the milk flowing. Today I had to make two bottles so the pushing, shoving and biting would stop. While I would try to feed one the other would bite my hand as I held her back. Those razor sharp tiny teeth have cut up my fingers and it is not like I do not already have a band aid on almost every finger. They now run after me when I try to leave the bathroom and it is way too funny to hear them bang the door as if to say "I know you are out there Mom - Open Up!"

I was asked if there was a window of when I could put them back - if it where not for this horrible weather I would have tried it earlier but even last night the temp was below zero. We are expected to warm up this weekend and I might see what would happen with the three of them together since Maggie is still calling (that is a nice way of saying making us all deaf with her none stop screaming) for them but as I said before I would love to not have to been doing this but their survival take priority. Maggie still is having milk in her bags but since I still have not figured out why the nursing process got screwed up in the first place we may be placing Maggie's health of her bags at risk if I allow her milk production to go back up. I tested her for blood in the milk and she had none but that does not mean there is not other issues. Also if an infection is present it could also harm the girls and we sure don't want that - I have learned if something goes wrong there is a darn good reason and forcing the issue can only lead to worse conditions. I have only handled them with my barn coat on as to not put too much of my scent of them but just them being in the house and drinking formula changes everything. Time and Mother Nature will tell.

I tried last night to get some pictures of them and they kept moving so fast that everything was blurry - I did get a cute video of them but since my computer is still whacked it will not even allow that to be posted. I will later on attempt more pictures - I admit that pictures right now are not top on the list - just getting things done and catching a few winks are what figures into my schedule.

I will be posting separately about the newest additions and tales of not so funny events. Hope you keep following along because soon the naming contests will start and I have been gathering prizes for those lucky winners. Now if I can only remember where I put my camera - I guess a nap sure would help my gray cells but not till I get caught up a bit....


Anonymous said...

So glad they're thriving, Grace! Hilarious image of them knocking the door about as if to say, "hey, lady! I KNOW you're in there!!!!" for more. That's GOT to be a tremendous feeling of accomplishment--you've turned them from ailing to little gluttons. No small feat with the winde and the weather.

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

This is such great news!!! Glad these babies are doing so good. You are a wonderful substitute Mama for them until they can be with their own Mama. Hugs!


LaDonna Loehrke said...

So glad to hear the girls are thriving and growing!! Hope you figure out what is going on with their mom.