Monday, February 28, 2011

Monica is a Mother

Another very busy night in the barn!!! At 10:40 pm tonight Monica went into labor.. I really thought that she did not get bred and so imagine my surprise when she started screaming. Yes, ear piercing screams - poor little girl... I moved Kate and her little girl out of their pen and pulled Monica in and closed the gate. I had to run to the house to give a bottle to the girl in the house and then run back to check in with Monica.

I knew we were going to have troubles because she was pushing but not progressing so I got into the pen for a closer look and also to time the contractions. Oh how I wished I had ear plugs..

It is no 11:20 pm and still no progress and she is getting too tired to push so I will have to assist. I took off my nice heavy warm gloves and got on my knees next to her. With the next contraction I slow worked my hand in and grab hold behind the head and pulled. With the following contraction I repeated the process and out came the head. A HUGE head! I quickly cleaned the mouth and ran my finger in it's mouth to clear it. It took a breath and so did I..

I stepped aside for a few minutes to see what she could do on her own. That baby was too big for such a little girl but there was not much we could do to change that now. She struggled with the contractions and grew weaker so again I got on my knees next to her and with all my might (not enough to injury the baby or Monica) I reached my hand inside her and grabbed the shoulders. Waiting for her to breath and push I then pulled again. Out came this monster of a baby - a GIRL!!

I quickly cleared the mouth again and did the cord. Then placed her up towards Monica's head because she was weak and still in a daze. She went right to work licking and talking to her girl. I waited till she had most of the baby cleaned before I dashed to the house again because now it is 1:15 am and the baby in the house needs another feeding.

After that feeding I dashed back to the barn and watch to see if she has figured out how to nurse. As of this posting she is still looking for the teat but working on it.. I must leave again to go back out to the barn - hopefully she will have figured it out by now. It is getting really cold out and there are still more babies to come but I am praying not till tomorrow but when do I ever get what I want???

So Monica is a Mother - Congrat's


Angie said...

You have been very busy. I fear I will have a night like that soon! Glad to hear you had a girl!

Tribal Horse Designs said...

Congrats to monica :) Sheis very lucky to have such a caring owner as you !!!!!!!

monica said...

YIPPEE!!! My baby is a mommy!!! I am so excited! I am praying for both of them and I am also praying that you get some rest! If I was closer at all I would come and help! I can't wait to see pics of her!!!