Monday, February 7, 2011

Update and a Call for New Thoughts

The farm like most of the country is still dealing with Jack Frost and Mother Natures handy work. With temps going as far down as -42 and the snow drifts up to my butt - life sure has kept this old gal running in circles with snowshoes on. As you can see by the picture my hens are now up to 7 eggs a day. The brown one is from my black hen who throws double yolks almost every time. The middle is the last of the store bought eggs and I admit I sure am spoiled to always having my farm fresh eggs. The blue is from the latest hen to start and she was so proud of it that I thought her head was going to pop off. She ran around in circles showing me her egg and I spent about 5 minutes petting her and telling her what a great gal she was. All this while I could barley feel my fingers - It does not pay to try to pick up eggs with heavy snow gloves on - Butter Fingers!!

As I kept trying to count my blessing this morning as I trekked through the drifts in my snowshoes I found it harder then most days. I know the lack of sleep, the bitter cold, the continual barn checks have started to take their toll and just then I caught myself - I reminded myself that I am luckily to have the body to get thru the snow, I am blessed to care for such sweet souls and I just then I heard this strong voice come out of nowhere and say "You can make a new choice each day, each hour, each minute - What are you choosing?" Now before you think Grace has fell off the sanity track - it was my ear buds echoing this sentence into my brain. I somehow hit the play button to my CD player that was in my coat pocket as I was struggling to clear the ice that had trapped the gate into the goat girls pen. Those words came from Dr. Wayne Dwyer from his book "Excuses Be Gone".... I have been reviewing this book again and again because I felt I needed some guidance of late.

I stood there for a moment collecting myself and listening to those words with new meaning. I admit I have been reacting to things of late and not putting my full attention into my life. I have been working so hard to keep the normal routine running smoothly that I have not made new choices or put into motion new plans for this gal. By the time I got back to the house and pulled off all the frozen layers I had to sit down and catch not only my breath but my thoughts. My head was swimming and I felt overwhelmed but today I will be placing into action the words that have been playing in my ears since this storm has started.

I am wondering if you have a book, tape, CD, DVD or such that you are working with to advance yourself??? I hope you might share with the folks who visit here - we all can be the helping hand for another.

Stay warm, safe and moving foreward. Blessings.

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