Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Worried Times at the Funny Farm

To catch you all up on the exciting times at the farm - With some of the coldest weather hitting us my sweet Maggie (Cashmere Goat Girl) went into labor and delivered a set of twin girls. They where strong and eager to be here. All was going well despite the minus 42 degrees. I spent most of Monday and into early Tuesday in the barn shivering and keeping a watchful eye on everyone. In between that I was hauling hot water out to the 7 different locations which houses animals. So needless to say I look like - well, let's not even talk about that.

By Tuesday morning at around 10 am Rebecca's determined it was her turn and placed herself into a kidding pen and went about the business of delivering a set of twins - this time it was a girl and a boy. Rebecca was a bit panicked because again we where below zero here. However, even with her rough behavior - pawing the babies and throwing them between her legs to get them nursing and their screaming through the process she managed to get them nursing in a matter of minutes. I guess that is TOUGH LOVE in the animal world - or better known as survival...

Meanwhile Maggie's was letting the girls nurse less and less. I went in an milked her out a bit and fed them with a bottle but after doing this for years I knew we where in trouble. I tried everything in my bag of tricks. I even flip this big girl to the ground, held her down and tried to force the girls to nurse. Have you seen those cowboys who flip a steer and tie their legs - that is what I was having to do to try and get those babies feeding. Finally with the temps dipping again down to -18 below I had to make the call - the tiny girls where coming inside. This is the first time I have ever had to do this with kids of Maggie's - she has seen some of the worst cases through without me taking them but I just knew that in this weather we had only a couple hours to save them.

With a basket in hand, lined with towels and hand warmers I gathered the girls, tucked them safely into their transportation and out the door we went. You could hear Maggie screaming and calling for her girls - it broke my heart but I knew this was the only way to try and save them. As I brought them past the shop door Kasha (my aging Great Pry who is residing in the shop during this bitter weather) greeted us at the door with a very worried look. I told her to watch the little one's as I stripped out of my gear and got the bathroom ready. I raced to grab towels, blankets and turn on a space heater. Kasha guarded them with her life and had her hed pressed to theirs as if to say "We Got You Now - Mom will make it better"

Now starts the real work and tons of prayers. As I sat on the bathroom floor with the girls wrapped up in towels next to the heater. I started feeding them a goat formula with an eye dropper. That long walk thru all the snow drifts took a great deal out of all of us but drop by drop of warm milk ran down their throats and into their very cold tummies. I sat with them in my arms rocking them and talking to them as their body temp slowly started to warm. Their feedings where every 20 minutes followed by body rubs and snuggles under warmed towels. They ate and slept on this schedule all night as I also went out to the girls barn to check on the other little set and to make sure no new arrivals made an appearance.

Early this morning the littlest girl final cried at me. No she was not in pain but rather she was demanding that I pick her back up and snuggle her. That was music to my ears... I sat with her for a very long time as she peed in my lap. Another wonderful sign... As she fell asleep in my arms I placed her gently back into the basket and went to change clothes.

As of this posting they are doing much better - still taking their warm formula by eye dropper but we are getting more in and keeping it in for greater periods of time. We have had several pee puddles which is Wonderful and they are becoming more vocal. Now, we are not out of the woods yet but at least I am hopeful that we might have a chance. Through out all the barn checks Maggie has told me in very loud voice that she wants the kids back but I keep explaining that this is their only way to see them again.

The temp outside is still below zero but as the sun peaks over the horizon I can at least have a bit of hope that today will bring new adventures for this very tired farm Mom. Oh and if new human mom's are feeling tired this morning just know that they are not alone.

I would ask that you keep the little kids in your prayers and thoughts today - we sure could use all the help we can get. I will post pictures soon and hope to run a comb thru my hair this morning - who am I kidding I will just put my hats back on worry about those rats tomorrow.

Stay warm everyone from the newest additions to the Funny Farm


Jane said...

Oh my goodness, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope all goes well. If anyone can handle this situation it is you. I just hope you can make it with no sleep and all this stress. Hopefully those kids will be bouncing off the walls shortly.

Vintage said...

I've been praying and praying, Grace. Sounds like someone is listening to me! If the plumbing is working in those wee ones, it sure is a good sign. You must be exhausted, but bringing life back to something so wee, so precious, must spur you forward.

Hope you have some linament for those sore arms (legs, back, etc...) that you're going to experience tonight IF you get to lie down.

Continued good thoughts are with you and your furry clan.

Anonymous said...

I so hope they survive. My thoughts and prayers are with you and them and Maggie.

Brooke Dilling said...

Grace - sounds like fun times out there on the Funny Farm. I don't think we've got much going on this weekend -- so please let me know if a trip to the farm is in order... so that we can assist with some farm duties!

Glad to hear the girls are doing better - but you must be exhausted! You are all in my prayers. Hang in there!! And I'm crossing my fingers that you don't have any more babies arrive!