Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Sleep in MY BED!

To Sleep in My Bed is pure delight. To have my legs straight out and not the letter "S" on the couch is Devin. To peel off my layers and feel the clean sheets against my skin is pure bliss. Even if it was for only two hours you can not imagine how my soul feels replenished. It is at times like this that I really know what is makes this gal happy - the simple things that most take as being so normal and routine until it is not there everyday.

Today amongst all the outside chores, baby bottles, butt checks and such I treated myself to homemade Spiced Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting... You read that right - I baked. Not only that but I made Honey Mustard Chicken with Herb Lime Rice. I had a nice bowl of fresh mixed lettuces with a huge ripe lush tomato. As I sat and enjoyed each mouth full I again reminded myself that for me it sure does not take much to make this gal happy. During baby watch food can be anything but the norm - a banana with a cup of tea in the barn may be lunch or maybe dinner. More likely I have forgotten to eat and do not realize it until my head feels like it is about to drop off my shoulders and then I race to get something into my stomach quickly. I often find myself eating a piece of bread with cheese as I am walking to the barn only to have the wind catch it from my hand and take it out to the dark black night for some other hunger creature in need a meal. Tonight I enjoyed a well planned meal and it was grand.

So here it is the start of my late night shift - bottles are awaiting the little ones to awake, I just got back from waking the goat girls and checking their butts, I placed another load of towels and sheets into the washer and through it all I remembered that feel of those crisp white sheets as I swished my feet back and forth - life can not get any better then this!!

What simple thing in life gives you pleasure??


Brenda Courtney Larson said...

You do seem to have the life, Grace. Enjoy that deserve it.

Nancy R. said...

Like you Grace, a good meal at home and actually coming home. I love my house and my stuff and am blessed to have it. I've been reading your blogs and admire your work to help your girls and the kids. Hope you and all at the funny farm are enjoying the warmer temperatures now.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful words Nancy - You are so right the warmer temps are welcome and I know the animals appreciated it..