Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny Farm Free For All

With the sun out and the temp in the low 60's today I thought it might be a great day to let some of the girls and their little one's out to soak up the sun. There was another reason - Mishka was sitting out in the pasture on a hill and rolling on her side and acting like she might want to squeeze out a mini her!!! Oh Crumbs - I kept both Monica and Mishka penned up when the breeding was going on but with the events of last night we know that did not work....

Mishka is a bottle kid and that usually means they have no skills to act like Goats. Rather over the years I have found no matter sheep or goat - the flock looks at bottle kids more like a dog and not one of their own. Mishka is a spoiled brat ( remind me again who raised her? ) most of the time so it will be seen if she even notices what her responsibilities are as with other bottle kid Mothers I will be having another in the house. Keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming. It really would be better for the little one who is already in the house to have one of her own kind but trust me I want goats to be raised by goats whenever possible.

So in order for Mishka to have a birthing pen another Mother and kids needed to vacate. I decided to let a few others (those who would get along with each other that is) out of their pens and into the light.. Talk about a free for all - I had kids running everywhere, mother's crying and calling and my Great Pry looking at me like I must have had a brain meltdown to do this. Now with only having a few of the Mother's and Kid's out imagine it could be worse but this was enough chaos.... Even the Llama's in the pasture next to this looked at me as if I had lost my marbles. Maybe I have - you try thinking in a straight line when for three weeks you have not really slept!

So, I went in the house to feed a bottle and grab a quick bite of something and I watched from the kitchen window to make sure things did not get out of hand or should I say hooves. I will try to get a clear picture later because with those little kids darting so fast all around I could not get anything but blurry streaks... Such Joy, Such Fun, Such Long Naps.... I want a Nap!!!

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