Friday, August 19, 2011

EGG Adventures

Bounty of green eggs I am lucky to get each day from my healthy, happy hens.

My girls lay each day in their antique nesting boxes their eggs for me to come in and collect several times during the day. Thursday was a whole other event. I took Sherlock (my sweet Cashmere Billy) out of his pasture for some backyard eating and so I could tend to a skin issue he has created while scratching his side with his massive horns. He is my guy who gives me tons of kisses, loves to sit in my lap (he is so heavy now, not the little baby he thinks he is) and is a very well behaved huge boy.

I went upstairs to get to work and as I was busy clicking away at the keyboard I heard such a racket in the chicken coop. I thought maybe a coyote or fox was trying to kill my girls. I ran downstairs and out the door (without getting something to protect me again) to the coop. The girls where running towards me with such panic, screaming, wings flapping and general fear. As I reached the doorway I could see the predator - SHERLOCK!!! Now, what in the heck is going on here.... This has never happened before, I guess Sugar must have told him that there was goodies in this house...

Now trying to get a concrete weighted billy out of a place he does not wish to leave is not an easy task. Those huge horns he planted in the screen door and braced himself with all his might. Once I got him unstuck and out the door I wagged my finger at him and gave him a talking too. He bent his head as if to say "I'm so very sorry Mommy". Then he started licking my leg (YUCK) again his way of saying he loves me. Then I walked him away from the coop and over to some tender grass. The hens followed also giving him a piece of their little minds and that was that - RIGHT???

NEVER at this farm. This scene was repeated three more times and I even brought over panels to try and keep him out but if a billy wants in some where or out of some place a set of metal panels will not stop him. So I took him up to the big barn and put him in there. I went back to the coop to straighten things up (big mess from big horns) and went to collect the eggs.

NO EGGS! What the heck, 26 hens and no eggs all day. So I wondered what was going on. Just then Cash (another goat) pointed through the fence to under the coop. I got on my hands and knees and it looked like the Easter Bunny had dropped his basket. I went to get a rake and gather up the eggs. I do not blame the girls - what is someone to do when you can't stop Mother Nature and you have a Billy in your house???

So, today I am hoping the girls will not find the need to hide their eggs - this gal loves gathering eggs but not crawling under buildings or walking 35 acres to seek and find.


Candy C. said...

Oh my gosh, what a time you must have had trying to get that silly billy out of the hen house! Hope the girls can get back into their routine!

larkspur funny farm said...

Silly Sherlock tried again this morning - so back into the other barn... Sometimes folks go around and around and around - Wait that describes me too....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Candy.

organic-lizzi said...

What a day!!! You don't get boarded:-)) Hugs to you and all the animals <3