Friday, August 19, 2011

Measuring Up - Be Kinder

What do you see???
***Those who raise hens for eggs might see a health issue or the declining of a hens production life.
***Those who never raised a chicken might think these are two different hens laying different sizes of eggs - you know small and jumbo.
***Those who are vegan see lost life - even when there is no rooster to add that spark of life to it.

The reality of it is these two eggs come from the same hen - my black hen who lays a normal egg which is a very large and brown. She layed her egg each morning before 8:00 am like clock work.. The smaller egg is well, let's just call it "A Bad Day" or "Falling a Bit Short" or "You try to lay a huge egg everyday and see how it turns out"

We all fall short someday's and we are judged by other's and even ourselves harshly. Think about this egg next time your child does not get the grade you think they should have gotten. Think of this example when someone at work goes off on your for something that clearly was their mistake but has the power to put their bag of dog poop on your doorstep. Most of all - think of this egg when you are beating yourself up for something that is "Only Human" and forgive yourself . Be kinder to yourself and those around you.

We all have those days when our "EGGS" just don't measure up to our standards... Today is a new day and let's see what we lay!!


Candy C. said...

Great words of wisdom Grace!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank my Black Hen - I learn tons from her and she did not even go to college...