Friday, August 26, 2011

Angels and Demons

Put together another Art Yarn Bundle Series in the middle of the night - could not sleep to save my soul - hence "Angles and Demons"...

While all the thoughts went swirling around and around in my head I decided to do something creative - anything creative to put my thoughts away. With this type of energy I do not spin because I feel that energy would be locked into the yarn which is not what I want someone else to experience. So I went to my sewing room where I house all my extra skeins and bits of yarn in a collection of antique luggage. As I open the latches on each of the charming, hard case wonders I felt like a little kid opening up their toy chest which houses all the colors, textures and magic that I long for - I wait for them to speak up and tell me what they want to be... In a matter of minutes my hands started grabbing different yarns and before I knew it another selection of 24 yarns had been created. So once I knew I loved the combination the scissors kept snipping and the bundles grew.

As I felt the mind settling I thought to myself now you can settle back into bed. As I looked at the clock is was just turning 3 am and so the two hours of sleep that lay before me was going to have to be enough. I think a nap might just have to be in the game plan today.. Or maybe more work in the land of yarn!!!

By the way the new Art Yarn Bundles are up and for sale in my Etsy Shop

I think they would make great holiday additions to your wrapping, tree trimming and gift creating. I have kept a couple of bundles for my holiday spinning and even have a plan for adding them into some felting projects - what would you use them for??

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