Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Happy Tired Farm Gal

What a great work day - I sometimes amaze myself how single minded I can be when I work and how much I can get done when I just get this body moving.

With head phones on and a book on disk playing - High Ho it's off to work I go!!!

I first cleaned out the chicken coop and the ground around it. I then went to work on the smaller barn and cleaned out the side without the animals in prep for the hay. Then back and forth I went with my trolley, bale by bale walking it from the driveway to the barn. Stacking and walking, stacking and walking until the full ton was in the barn. As I brought in each bale I was greeted by Sugar having to take a nibble of each bale as I brought it inside. I would have loved to put him somewhere but if this brought him joy then I was willing to put up with his standing in the doorway interrupting the flow of my work.

Then I took the trolley and went to the large barn. I scraped the floor down, hauled out all the poop and started the back and forth of hauling each bale into the barn and stacking it nice and neat. There is something about this kind of work that is like oil to my joints. I move without a pain, without a thought all the while listening to my book. As I finished stacking the last bale I was thrilled to see my work. Then I went about scrubbing all the water containers and food containers for good measure. I hauled six wheel barrels full of dirt to fill the holes that Kasha dug around the tool shed but still have more to do there...

As I decided I had finished my work for today I walked down my long driveway to collect the mail just as he arrived to open the box. I have a great British Movie to watch tonight as I relax after getting cleaned up. A big bowl of popcorn and a tall glass of something very cold and wet.

So there you have it a day in the life of this farm gal - not exciting to most but so gratifying to me.
Oh, I forgot to mention along the way there was tons of snuggles to the bottle kids, hugs and scratches to the hard working dogs and prayers all day long that Sugar makes it through another day with love and joy.

Hope you all had a productive day - I know I sure did.


Candy C. said...

I tip my glass to you and a fruitful day of work on the farm! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what inspiration you bring to my old bones!